Summer Cleaning

Okay, so I got sidetracked.

I was happily working on my kitchen.
Yes, I was still in there until a few weeks ago.

I have a good excuse as to why I am not finished yet.

Along comes the announcement that our neighborhood
is having a Community Yard Sale.

This is music to my ears!!

NOT because I want to shop, but because I want to SELL.
And simplify.

SO...I have been going through every closet and cupboard,
searching under every bed and in every box.
No place is safe from my rampage.

This is what my house looks like today.
I hope you haven't just eaten.

Don't tell me that your house doesn't look like mine does
when you are getting ready for a yard sale!

I plundered.

I pilfered.

I ransacked.

I confiscated.

I liberated.

I unearthed.


Then I organized.
At least I did something.
My $1-ish mug/card/jewelry tree!

Found a home in the Cafe' de Sous-sol.

Also have some peeks of the kitchen for you.

Which I will reveal.

After House Beautiful my daughter comes and takes better pictures.

I will be doing a series soon about How I Sell on eBay.

A peek into my eBay closet.

I really must get back to work mateys.
More plundering and pricing, pricing and plundering.

I hope that you have a wonderfully blessed day,
knowing that we are so very fortunate to be living in this era.

We have more stuff blessings than we know what to do with, don't we?


  1. Hi Leslie...That was a great post. How nice of you to take time out of your busy plundering, pilfering, ransacking, organizing, pricing, confiscating, liberating, unearthing day, in order to post and take great photos, as always.

    Can't wait for the Selling on e-bay series. I've wanted to do that forever but don't know how! I'm looking very forward to that.

    Take care and good luck. If I lived near you, I'd probably buy some of your stuff. Looks great. Susan

  2. Last year I had my living room filled to overflowing with stuff for a yard sale at my sister's house. Plus, we were getting the house ready to go on the market, so it was an ideal thing to do. I cleared out a lot of stuff! Good luck with the sale!

  3. I love going through stuff to give away! After I put everything away in my NEW kitchen, I gave away almost everything I didn't have a place for. It was great! And I can't wait to see YOUR NEW KITCHEN!

  4. I think it is impossible to keep everything in order when getting ready for a sale It is the "after" the sale time that feels so freeing!!

  5. How exciting!!! I love to have sales and toss things I don't want anymore! Well, I hate to bring you such bad news but, now that you have all this extra space Hobby Lobby is now 90% off!!! The garden area is 80%! Enjoy!!!

  6. I seriously need to pilfer and plunder through my attic. Keep waiting for cooler weather. ;) Thanks for visiting my blog and signing up as a kindred spirit. Always good to meet one.

  7. Hi Leslie,
    Wow! If I lived in your area, I would surely shop at your yard sale, as you have some wonderful treasures! I love the chalkboard wall that I got a glimpse of,by the way. And those glass canisters are great, too! Best of luck with your sale. Yes, i know how much work they are, too! :)

  8. I wanna come to your sale! I need those two lamps with the gold shades on them. Oh be still my yard sale lovin' heart. I guess I can't justify the air fare to NC from AZ just for those lamps huh? Great treasures, love the peeks into the kitchen. I love, love, love your ebay station! Going to have to set up mine after the move and get back to selling.

    I will be having a heck of a sale too before the move. Ugh...wonder if you wanna come out and help me??? Puhleez??? :)-

  9. Leslie,
    What a great and fun post! Any yes that is exactly what my home looks like before a yard sale!! I always find it a great stress relief when I am liquidating stuff! Wish I lived close it looks like you have some good stuff for sale!!

  10. You have some great stuff for your sale! I am looking forward to the ebay post. I have some things I need to try to sell but not sure about the whole ebay thing. I just don't think they would go well on craigslist around here.

  11. I have purged each year (hmmmm, is that the correct word?). This year I have not. I suppose there are still things I could get rid of ....Yes, there is!--BUT I can't believe you are getting rid of that white bedspread! I just paid 60 dollars for one on ebay (I think it was a Bates?). They are hard to find unless you want to pay 150 dollars. AH wellllll. Good for you, it makes you feel better, doesn't it? I have been rethinking how I live especially in comparison to a majority of the world who are in poverty. I need to really think about all of this after reading Chan's book called Crazy Love and Is 58. to think, pray and do.

    Turning the subject away from this, I love the blue and white of the bedroom . Your mug rack is cool.

  12. Looks like you have some good stuff girly!!! Love the little toile lamp shades you have!!!! I wish I could come to your yard sale!!!

  13. When you get through pilfering and plundering you can come do some at my house. I need to clean out, too. Looking forward to the kitchen reveal.

  14. I want to come to your sale too. You know my house looked just like this when preparing for a garage sale. Love those lamps.

  15. Leslie, I have been trying to do the exact same thing. We had one yard sale, but quite frankly, it was about 95 degrees that day and we didn't sell near as much as I would have liked. Then both kids moved out and now I have even more, so I have indeed been doing the same thing. The main purpose for me is to also SIMPLIFY. Keep up the good work!

  16. Plundering, pilfering, ransacking, and unearthing is the best! If I lived in Greenville, I would SO be shopping your garage sale. In fact, I may just have to go find me a garage sale to shop at now. Can't wait to see the kitchen.

  17. Yay!! This is right up my alley. I want to have a garage sale, but every time I start to plan one, something comes up. I wish that our community would have one.

    I love what I see of the kitchen and wait anxiously for the big reveal. I was sidetracked for a minute by that pretty shelf with the black gingham. Had to refocus on the garage sale stuff.

  18. I so WISH I could shop at your yard sale! LOL! Your stuff is perty!



  19. That's fantastic what you've done. I really need to do the same. I have way too much clutter.

    I like the colour of the kitchen walls too. Very nice. Looking forward to more pics :)

  20. Wow. Where have I been? Remember me? The nut over on the other page?

    Love some of the yard sale items laying on the floor!

    Can't wait to see the kitchen....cuz I know I will be beaming with envy! (one can beam with envy, no?)


  21. Leslie, when you're done there, would you come on over. I need someone to plunder, pillage and price over here. But I think it would take longer than you could stand. It always feels so good to get it all out!!
    Thank you for coming by the Bible Study, I really appreciate your visits!

  22. Oh my goodness. Yes, my house looks like yours, but WORSE when we do our booth let alone get ready for a yard sale!!! :)

    And wowie...THOSE ARE THE STOOLS I AM LOOKING FOR! Your pic of the two white stools are THE stools I am looking for just TWO more of! They match perfectly. I found three unpainted stools on ebay and I just need two more. How funny.

    Okay, I'm going to stop now about the stools. I will find them someday, I just know it!

    The mug tree is cool!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  23. Wow, Wow, Wow. You really did clean out. Doesn't it feel good? It's a lot of work to do it and clean up after, but so worth it. Hope the sale went well.


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