Psalm 1 :: A psalm of Leslie

For my 100th post, 
(I can't believe it!)
I decided to write a psalm.

King David wrote many psalms and poured out 
his heart, his pain, his fears and triumphs through them.

His psalms, or lyrical poems and prayers, tell his life story.
He wrote 150 psalms.
I managed one, for now.

It was quite interesting to reflect on my life while writing this.

I think YOU should try it!

Psalm 1- A psalm of Leslie

Before I was even born, my enemy tried to erase me.
He did not want me here and tried to slaughter me.
You protected my soul and body while I was still in the womb.

You Lord, had mercy on me and spared me.

In childhood, my innocence and trust were misused.
I was misled by those whom I respected.
My earthly father abandoned me, but you my Father, were always there.

When I chose the wrong paths, you followed me, 
whispered to my heart and I heard you.

When I went astray, you walked by my side, 
and nudged me back on the proper route.

When I made an absolute mess of my life, 
you brought me clarity and restored my dignity.

You Lord, restored me gently through your tenderness.

Throughout my life, you have been here, 
watching my leaving and returning.
Enjoying my laughter and counting my tears.

You see my anger and my fear, 
yet do not hold it against me, and call me blameless.
Only in you do I find joy!

Every second, you are accessible to my petitions.
Every minute, your love covers my faults.
Every hour, you keep me safe from those who would harm me.
Every day, your light shows me your truth.
All my life, you have been here.

You have filled me with a purpose and creativity, 
given me a destiny and hope.
I know this very well.


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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful, sugar! I was reading the Psalms a couple of weeks ago and just marveled at how David loved the Lord so much.

  2. Thanks for being to real. His mercy is new every morning! Lisa!

  3. Wow, Leslie. I never knew anyone who wrote a psalm. I mean, a living person. That was awesome. Very heartfelt. Great job. Susan

  4. Cool. I have never tried writing a Psalm , but it is a good idea! It is neat how the Lord directs our paths and how he allows things to shape and mold our lives. He is a great and loving God so full of mercy.

  5. What a beautiful Pslam!! Congrats on your 100th post!

  6. That was lovely. Thank you for sharing it!

  7. Absolutely beautiful Leslie. Love all the photos you shared too. :)

  8. Beautiful truth from God's word...Thanks for your sweet comments on my bathroom, you don't need my help,though, you have great taste! Congrats on hitting 100 posts. I am not quite there, yet. Lezlee

  9. You are so beautiful. Inside and Out!

  10. Leslie,

    This is beautiful. I am happy that you are at this place today.
    Can you imagine if we didn't have someone who loved us living in our hearts?


  11. I love everything about this. I recently did a Bible study where we wrote out psalms of our own, but rather than general, they were specific to situation.

    Yours is wonderful! Truly, God has been faithful.

    I also loved the Little Leslie pictures. They made me smile.

  12. Leslie, that's beautiful. Sounds like this was indeed inspired by the Lord. What a treasure he created in you. Congratulations on your 100th post!

  13. Leslie, you never cease to amaze me! Our heavenly Papa agrees as he nods His head and His heart swells with pride..."Oh yes...that's my daughter, Leslie. Isn't she wonderful??"

  14. Gorgeous!!! Congrat's on your 100th post. Thanks for stopping by, here is some info on the cornice :)

  15. I love this Leslie. I have prayed scripture before, but I love how you took parts of the psalms and made them yours. Really, all of scripture is ours isn't it. Congrats on your 100th post (yours is one of my favorite blogs!)

  16. I'm so impresssed! What a sweet gift to the Lord.

  17. Wow! Your Psalm brought tears to my eyes. I suppose we can all relate to the paths we have chosen and been led back! I liked your photo timeline, too. Happy 100!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  18. Beautiful and touching. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Sigh...absolutely beautiful.


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