Home Staging -- The Entryway or Foyer

Hello y'all!

Today, let's remember (I need the reminder the most) that homemaking is not a chore,
but an opportunity to engage in purposeful work.
Our home is not a cage,
but a place for us to express our love, life and joy.
It is God's plan for us to use our gifts
to diligently minister to those He has placed in our care.

For those of you that are new 'round here--WELCOME!

Some of you know this already--skip this part.

 I have been staging since 2000,
taking jobs when I "feel like it".
My main job is making my own home, 
and homeschooling.

My plan is (maybe God's plan, maybe not)
is to work Full Time when Miss A goes off to college
in three years.
But I have many pictures to share with you,
about what and what not to do in a staged home.

Today I wanted to talk about the importance of the foyer or entryway.

The example being used today, is from a $289,000 home
that was on the market 2 months before staging.
It sold within 3 weeks after being staged.

This is what greeted you when you came in the front door.               

It's lovely enough, but there are a few things that need to be considered
when a buyer's first impressions are all that matter.
Let's look around the foyer, and we will find a few things that need to be changed.

The collection below is lovely, but more suited for the dining room.
It feels a little clutter-y, too.
What do you see to the left of the hutch?
The thermostat.
It is dated and is original to the house.

A foyer should feel like a mini-room,
a place to "land" when you arrive home or welcome friends.

This secretary is gorgeous, however, it overpowers the space,
and this small wall is the only wall that allows for any furniture here.
So, this smaller piece, found in another room, fits the scale of this wall better.

The flat surface of this smaller desk was used for MLS brochures and 
a welcoming bouquet of fresh flowers (these are fake, for now).

The thermostat was replaced with a programmable one,
that, in a buyer's mind reads: UPDATED, NEW, TAKEN CARE OF.

When entering this foyer here's what else you saw.
What do you think needs to be changed?

The fixtures are dated, even in the upstairs hallway,
which can be seen from the entryway,
there is a small plant on a small stand blocking the stairway.

If you turned around and looked up, this is what you saw.

The window over the front door has a very dusty blind covering it,
The tapestry, though lovely, is hung with a cheap rod,
 and the iron sconces do nothing to enhance the decor,
but rather, they distract from the wonderful features of this tall foyer.

The fixtures were replaced.

Blind was taken down, window cleaned, tapestry and sconces were removed.

This is just one example of changes that can be made in an entryway.
There are many shapes and sizes of foyers,
some homes don't have a foyer at all.
But for this home, these changes helped the new owners to see past the issues,
and imagine themselves living here.

Other afters of this room:

If you are planning on staging your home to be sold, here's how you can capture buyer's interest and keep it, after they've walked in the front door:
  • Remain detached emotionally from your house. See your house through buyers' eyes. It is not your home any longer. It is a building, a commodity that you want to sell for the highest amount possible!
  • Oil hinges, tighten doorknobs, and clean baseboards.
  • All trim and doors throughout the house should be the same color. (I prefer to paint them all white).
  • Make sure that this room has a dramatic focal point, by showcasing a unique piece of furniture or artwork.
  • A table lamp for lighting and a vase for flowers is very important.
  • A mirror is a space brightener! 
  • Add warmth, texture and color with an area rug or runner.
  • If dated, change out the light fixtures.
  • If dated, change the switch plates to white.
  • During the holidays, add a poinsettia to the table in the entry.
  • If there is no entryway or hall, try to create one by using furniture to block or separate the view of the living room to create the illusion of two separate areas.
  • In the coat closet, make sure the floor is EMPTY. Remove all non-season clothing, and pare the remaining items down to three items. The closet should appear as roomy as possible.
  • DO NOT store the vacuum in the coat closet, or games, or wrapping paper, etc... seasonal coats on hangers, only. A basket may be put on the shelf above the hanging clothes to hold smaller items, out-of-sight.
  • Use wooden hangers in the closet.
  • This area must be kept perfectly neat and clean. Windows wiped, floor polished, wall scuffs removed. It sets the "stage" for the rest of the home. Make it the most dramatic.

You might like it so much, you won't want to move!


  1. It is amazing what a few changes can do to an entry foyer. You have offered some great advice and tips for sellers. I think most of those tips also apply to freshening your home for those of us who don't plan to move. Great advice and the photos really show what you mean.

  2. Fabulous changes to this small area. It looks so much more open and inviting. The attention to details is always so important. Great advice. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  3. Such a nice job; I just hope I won't have to try selling my house for years and years.......ugh!

  4. I have to tell you it's hard, Leslie, but I am at least able to honestly say I know how my seller's feel! Last year we prepped our house for the market, but came off right before the holiday season hit {I wanted to enjoy the holidays and not worry about decorating or cleaning up for showings}. I love the smaller secretary you used in this foyer ~ makes me think that if I lived here I could put my mail and keys down when I've come home.

  5. I lll your advice, it'll come in handy when we get to that stage :-)

  6. that was meant to say I love all your advice!!!Not sure what happened there!

  7. Excellent job, Leslie. It's funny -- those are the exact same foyer lights that I own, and I just recently purchased new ones, also in the same finish and more open design as you have shown. I just cannot figure out how to get up that high to change them out! I think I will just have to break down and hire someone to hang that two-story foyer chandelier! You did a great job.

  8. I have those same exact fixtures still up in my hall over the catwalk and down the hall, too. I have got to replace those. We have replaced the foyer light already. Mine was just like that brass one.

  9. it is unbelievable how much better the house looks! i think staging could be such a fun job. you have a gift, girl.

  10. Wonderful changes! It's amazing what a bold impact they make. The thermostat is a perfect example of the kind of thing I might overlook because I had lived with it for so long that I began to see right through it.

    So many of your principles apply to house we want to live in as well as sell.

    Wish you lived nearer and could give tips on my place.
    Wait, strike that.... maybe not.

  11. Wow, Thank you for sharing all of your experience!! This is a very good thing to know!!

  12. Love your tips and simple changes that made a big difference!

  13. Very interesting list. I know I could use some of these tips in my home even though I am not planning on selling. I have a question from someone who knows nothing about staging...I would have closed the small desk and angled it slightly. I would have thought it would add a bit of character and made the foyer seem bigger. Now I am wondering why you chose to have the desk open and use up that whole tiny wall with the little desk. I'm captivated. Lisa~

  14. It's amazing how such a little change can make such a huge difference. I do find it diffficult to detach myself from my home. I've lived here for 20 years and I can't see how to fix things without spending a lot of money. Your tips will help enormously.

  15. Great post - I like the idea of staging a home and then not selling it because you fall in love with it all over again :)

  16. That is awesome Leslie...really, like night and day! I would walk in to that foyer and love it...great color too...loving the light fixture choices...always a plus when those do not need to be changed....great great great! Thanks for going to Walgreens too:) Debbie

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  18. Oooh, I LOVE staging! My degree is in Int. Design, but I much prefer to do staging and redisign. It is so fulfilling to me to take what someone already has and use it to it's fullest potential. This was a great one - removing that blind ....I think I heard angels singing :) (Off topic now, do you all have the bug sprayer truck in your area? I think it kills the bees here - instead of the mosquitoes. Maybe that's why my veggies aren't making it)

  19. hello, so simple suggestions and change og things and all the scenarion is changed, I love less, and feel very comfy and cosy.. Thanks for your sharing of suggestions... And yes I love clean window very much...

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  20. "Anytime you are stopping by/through Greenville/Columbia, SC or Atlanta, you must come see us!!"

    I am confused. How many place do you live?! Lisa~

  21. Leslie,
    Great post! I am behind on my reads...hope you see this comment! I have received emails wondering how we sold so fast...we did every one of your points! It really works to spend the time to go through your home and stage it! Hopefully next week I was going to do a post to tell what we did...could I link them to this post,too for more information?
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!!

  22. Love the uncluttered look in the entryway. Funny what a huge difference those small changes can make.

  23. These are such great tips, not just for staging, but for an effective update in our current home, without having to spend a fortune redecorating. Great pics too (this house looks lovely!).


  24. It is a fact that decoration is an important for selling house fast.Now one cannot ignore the work of decoration.This house is really well decorated.

  25. Love the changes! What a difference. Love what you did with the dining room too. It beckons me to enter..... The foyer looks so much better after the changes. This is my first visit here. I think I might have to become a follower. In any case, I'm definitely adding you to my blogging bliss link (blogs that I find inspirational in EVERY way). Thank you for sharing!


  26. the pictures show's that the the house is very good and the arrangement of things and the paint of the house and setting of the house is so impressive

  27. decoration is quiet well.the glasses use very particular.over all we can say that all work which is done in this building quiet well.


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