The Best Mommy in the World!

Miss S started her first job today at a used book store; 
she is in heaven, since she is a major bibliophile
(she has been reading since she was 2 1/2)!

It was another milestone in a long list of milestones 
that I got to cherish today.
As she packed a lunch bag and gathered her Social Security card and birth certificate 
so she could fill out her first ever W-2 form,
I thought back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
Back to when I gave birth to Miss S and became a mother to her,
I, quite frankly, didn't know what to do with her!
We brought her home from the hospital, all 10 pounds of her! 
(My sister called her "Huge!" and the preacher decided 
she would drive herself home from the hospital).

And the first month went something like this:
When she cried, I fed her.
When she slept, I watched her.
When she cried, I changed her.
When she slept, I cleaned house furiously.
When she cried, I comforted her.
When she slept, I showered or napped.
When she cried, I cried.

I called on my Father God constantly for wisdom and strength and patience.
He gave it. Faithfully.

As Miss S grew older, I questioned our methods of feeding, discipline, teaching, 
choices of Mother's Day Out and schools (we decided to home school),
 friends for her, you name it.
I wondered if I told her too much or too little about the world, 
too much or too little about Jesus.

Would she learn my bad habits? (The answer is YES).
Would she learn my good habits? (The answer again: YES).
Most importantly, would she learn to love the God I love and know as Father?

Then one day, when she was around 8 years old 
I received this from her:

A bouquet and a letter.

Then, it hit me, I AM the best mommy in the world!
For her.

What I learned, while being observed by Mini-me, 
was that my actions spoke louder than words.
Mini-me imitated my behavior
not the behavior read from a book.
In her eyes, I was the standard 
and she saw me as the best mommy in the world.

But, was she seeing joy in my home making, marriage and life?
Did I cultivate the privilege we homemakers have in hospitality, cooking, 
ministry, baking, decorating, cleaning, 
learning an instrument, gardening, scrubbing toilets?
More importantly, did I cultivate the gifts that were endowed to only her?
Was enthusiasm for the mundane, with no promise of reward part of my behavior?

Not always.

But, as I realized that God gave her to me to teach me, and vice versa, 
I finally comprehended that I was raising an adult, not a child.

So, I understood, then, that I had to kindly and patiently guide her and encourage her.
To become a person of virtue, of kindness, compassion, of faithfulness, 
honesty, joy, and of forgiveness.
Eternal traits, with enduring benefits.

She is 19, an adult now, and although, not perfect (because her mommy isn't), 
she is one beautiful treasure 
that I can say was worth investing in.
A living, breathing Masterpiece, that I can say with confidence, 
I have invested my home making soul into.
She knows the One in Whom she can trust.
She knows the One who treasures her 
and regards her as a treasure of inestimable worth.
The best kind of treasure.

Did you also know that:

YOU are the best mommy in the world?!
It's true!

We must understand that the time we invest in our child(ren) is eternal. 
Don't hold back. Throw yourselves into your work. 
Confident that nothing you do for Him is a waste of time or effort.
(1 Corinthians 15:58)


  1. I am soooo moved by this dear friend! The bible verse at the end sums it up beautifully don't you think? He honors our attempt and I believe that shows in our beautiful children! You are both blessed to have each other;)!

    I have a similar list that my baby made for me when he was in the first grade. It is up on a memory board I keep in my laundry room! It was meant to be a thank you for mother's day. I have used it as a measuring stick for my behavior over the years! I wanted to live up to the way I was seen by those tiny eyes!

    What a wonderful post! Such a BLESSING! Thank you!


  2. What a sweet post to her. The only thing we take with us out of this world is our children, sugar. NOTHING else. We are blessed, chickee...truly blessed.

  3. Lovely post! I am thankful for my kids each and every day!

  4. Such a sweet post!
    Good luck with her job!

  5. That's wonderful! So encouraging to see even with the uncertainty of "too little/too much" (which I'm ever wondering about!), that God gives us wisdom and ultimately His plan prevails! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you! I love this post. What a great reminder that God gave us the kids we have (and gave them the moms they have) for a reason, His plans and purposes never fail. I love the "job" of mothering more than words can say. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. ok,... tears... Thanks for the encouragment just when I needed it. Being a mommy is so hard some days. Especially in summer. Especially when it's hot. Especially when I'm worn out. Lord, please let me kindly and patiently guide and encourage them.

  8. Such a beautiful made me cry. How lucky that your daughter has a mom that mothering her matters. It's a shame mothering doesn't seem to matter to so many today. Keep up the good work.

  9. That was a nice post, Leslie. Very, very heartfelt. Good job! Susan

  10. What a wonderful post! My little one is only two, and I find myself worrying about some of the things you've addressed here. Such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I feel both convicted and encouraged all at the same time!! Thanks for sharing this today!
    Hugs from Scotland!

  12. Gorgeous post! That letter is a treasure..but your relationship with your daughter is an even greater treasure.

  13. you are still the best mommy in the world.

  14. SUch a wonderful heartwarming post! I love all the letters and pictures you have kept over the years! She is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her! Children are an amazing thing!
    Have a great evening!

  15. That has to be the sweetest book ever made for a Mom. And she must be one special young lady. Your investment shows.
    Great post, I really enjoyed reading it.

  16. This is so lovely and so true!!! Thank you Leslie!! You are blessed and so is your sweet daughter!

    I absolutely love being a mother to my boys. I too am blessed beyond measure!


  17. Be still my heart!!! What a wonderful post!

  18. You made me think of two complementary news articles I have read in the past week:

    One is on those who were abused as children:

    The other is on the results of maternal doting:

  19. What a beautiful post. I was just blogging around and found your blog. Very beautiful and inspirational. Thanks for sharing and letting me visit.

  20. Leslie,

    Thank you once again for an inspiring and insightful post. This is why Good Bye House, Hello Home will remain one of my favorite blogs. Your daughters are blessed to have you as a mother.
    I wish Miss S good luck at her first job! What a dream job -- a used bookstore. I could get lost in one for hours.

    Your Friend,

  21. Oh, such a beautiful post! just beautiful!

  22. Oh how I needed to hear this. God bless!

  23. Oh, my goodness, aren't you a darling. I LOVE this post. It is wonderful. In fact, I think you should make it into a little book for mothers. It is just lovely. Very meaningful.

    What a wonderful daughter you have. Her little book to you is so well written and illustrated. The paper bouquet is adorable.

    I am so happy for you that your experience as a mother has been such a wonderful one.

    God bless you and yours now and always,

  24. Been hopping through some of your posts, and wow am I glad I read this one.

    You are a great Mom! What a tribute, those beautiful pictures she created and what she shared from her heart about you, simply wonderful!!!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Love you new friend!


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