Tails from the Scene of the Grime--Birthday Update

Hi, everyone!
I hope you are having a peace-filled, hope-filled, love-filled day!

It is the eve of my birthday,
and I am about 1/2 way done with my birthday present:
the makeover of my kitchen.

I started the project by removing the grapevine, lights and ivy.

This photo is entitled

Do any of you have any idea about what I can do with 5 strands of grapevine?
Craigslist? Bonfire?

Here's what it did look like.
(For years I have known it needed to come down, just wasn't a major priority,
lately, our home has been begging us to SIMPLIFY):

But doesn't it look better already?

Here's a treat for the eyes.


I have been cutting in and painting.
No, I do not use painter's tape, I use a fantastic Wooster angle-sash brush.
It is my dear friend, too.

I am so blessed to be helped along the way by some sweet friends!

Suzanne came to help me put up beadboard wallpaper.
I got the paper at Lowe's.
HERE is the link.

I made a plumb line, and got the party started.

She is a pro.
I have 8 total outlets above the counter.
She cut out the wallpaper around 7 of the outlets.
I did the very first one.
I only did one, because I don't know how to cut around the sockets, apparently, 
because just as we were talking about the times 
when we were a kid and we stuck things in outlets and got shocked,
this is what happened to me!
Scared the stew outta me!

But OH! How we laughed!!

Suzanne does a beautiful job.
She didn't get shocked.

She obviously figured out how to use my camera, too.

Sorry to leave y'all with this image in your mind, but it's the last picture I've got.

My other dear friend, Ann, is coming today to help me with the rest.
I am so needy.

To see the kitchen completed, click HERE.


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  1. Wow, how wonderful to have friends like that!! I do love the site of the grape vine stuff gone! Ha, but I love changes.....sometimes I go with cluttered and other times with more sparse! I like all looks! Have fun today and on your b day!

  2. It is looking great! Love seeing the progress. Don't projects seem better when they are shared with a friend?
    We are using bead board as our backing too. I love the look and feel of it. We will have to compare before and after shots of our kitchens!

  3. Well, you get right in there, don't you, Leslie?! : ) I'll bet the beadboard looks great all done. My upper cabinets are like yours and last year I cleared out the whole top part. Now I just have three spaced faux green plants on top. I like mine bare when I think of all the stuff I "collected" up there!

  4. Happy birthday early! It sounds like a fun project. You made me laugh with the pictures of the tops of the cabinets. If there is anyone out there that regularly cleans up there I'd like to know. It is really looking good. Your friends are the best (except the one that took a picture of your behind). LOL! Lisa~

  5. LOL I love that shot of the "behind", sugar! I love the lights over the counter though. I have them over my grandfather clock, over my patio door and on the top of a bookcase in my living room. Adds drama at night...and a sense of serenity, chick! Lookin' good though...

  6. LOVE that wallpaper. Puddie wants to put up bead board and this might be a great faux option! Psst... I don't do painters tape either. My mama is a professional painter and she just wouldn't have that!

  7. HAHAHAHA! Such a funny way to end your "tail".
    I love the bones of this kiitchen so I know I'm going to love this project. I was just commenting yesterday about a stunning bead board back splash I had seen. You figured out how to get the look with wallpaper. Of course you did!

  8. Ficou lindo!!! Até parece madeira!!! Parabéns!! Bjs

  9. Can't wait to see the rest!!!! Yeah, ou just wanted us to see your rear end!!!haha! I would keep that grapevine! I bet it would be pretty at fall time!

  10. What an unbelievable undertaking....but I can't wait to see the end result....it's going to look and feel great!

  11. Hope you have a great birthday! Wish you lots of luck with the project, it's looking great! I received some goodies in the mail....they're great and thanks again! Your friend must have been a great help for you not to have killed her for the pic!!!

  12. Oh Happy Birthday DIY Warrior Princess. Sorry your gift will be just a tad late. Got a kidney infection that side lined me all of last week. I promise it's sooooo worth waiting for. (Drool)

    Can't wait to see the finished product! Did I mention how envious I am of the beadboard wall paper?

  13. Thanks for your kind comments! I really appreciate it! Your blog is so cute, and I LOVE the title! :o)

  14. Things are looking great, Leslie! I'm living vicariously thru you and your kitchen redo! You are even adding the beadboard wallpaper just like I want! :0) Can't wait to see it finished!

    Hope you have a terrific bday and take the day off!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  15. Looking good! Even the last photo!
    I wish you could get beadboard paper here. it looks such an easy option compared to actually installing beadboard!

  16. It's looking great, can't wait to see the big reveal. I don't tape either, I use the same paint brush & a steady hand.

  17. Hmmm, I'm loving those red and white dishes peeking out of your cupboard...maybe we can arrange a swap for the wire tea pot :) Happy hunting at the garage sales this wknd. We have company in town, so alas, no garage sales for me.

  18. Thanks so much for the sweet message you sent me! Guess what, I did some searching and I have found somewhere that stocks the paper. I am so excited now, as this will be the perfect solution to my hallway which has terrible walls. I will post about it on my blog when we get around to doing it. First I have to finish my son's shower room, then finish my daughters bedroom, then it is the hall I think. I need to actually finish the jobs I have started first - I'm terrible for that! Anyway, thanks, I never would have seen this paper otherwise!


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