Is this a Weird Birthday Present?

Hi, all you beautiful home makers!

Today, let's remember
that how we manage our homes 
is a form of worship
to God.

My beefcake and I were sitting on the deck last night,
enjoying a pre-storm breeze,
and he asked me one simple question:
"What do you want for your birthday next week?"

I LOVED this question!

Apparently because of the deranged look on my face,
Mark then replied, "I have a budget for it, you know."

Good thing, too, because I also LOVE 
finding the best quality deals for the best price.
So, being given a budget helps me determine my wants from my needs.

My reply to his question?

"I wanna re-do the kitchen."

His reply, "I have a small budget for it, you know."

I had to reassure him that I didn't want 
new cabinets, 
or counter tops.

My nine year-old kitchen just needs freshening up.

I have already been gathering things, baskets, accessories and paint.

This is our kitchen at Christmastime.

What I really would like for my Birthday:

The rest of the items, I have already found, and have been collecting
from Good Will, yard sales and bartering.
(Mark was relieved to hear this).

Good Will, $2.50 each.


 Easel, Good Will, $3.00. 
Huge Banana republic pasta bowl, Christmas gift.
4 rattan chargers, Good Will, $1.00/all.

Demilune Wall Pot Rack, (free) barter with friend.

12 Woven, Wire-frame handled baskets, 
Amazing Savings, $1.99 each.

(I have two of these)
Vintage picnic basket, yard sale, $6.00.

Target lamp, from Good Will, $3.00.

My birthday is in one week.

I have 7 days.

I'd better get to work.

Wasn't that easy, Mark?
You don't even need to wrap it!


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  1. Being ear-lobe deep in kitchen remodel can relate to this post! ;) Our next step is to install the bead board backing and open shelving. Love your choices, you have some great finds. Can't wait to see your finished project!

  2. Well, you did all the work for him, Leslie! I love your kitchen pictures. Your bulletin board is great. Looking forward to seeing what you do with all your finds.

  3. Your kitchen is so pretty and I love the color you have on the walls now. Not a weird bday gift at all. I so wish I had a amazing savings here. It cost so much to eat organic for us. I love the items you have been collecting too. I trying to redo my kitchen and living room over. I'm soooooo tired of palm trees! ACK!

  4. Man, I hope I remember to come back to see the finishing touches!!

  5. Oh how neat is that! Better get going, you have week?? You can do it! Love the photographs you shared today!


  6. Well you have some great stuff that you already found. Amazing Savings indeed! 1.99? Wish we had that store. I love the rug you picked out. Looking for something for under our table. Where is it from?

  7. Your changes are going to be wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog. It gave me a chance to come meet you! Hope you stop by again.

  8. Great choices!! Love that rug so much! Sea grass rugs have my heart...just wish my budget could swing them!

  9. Oh, Leslie. Fabulous finds. I LOVE that pot rack. Oh man oh man, where do you think the original owner got that? Let me know. Thanks! Your kitchen is already absolutely adorable. Love it! Sincerely, Susan

  10. Great Birthday present ideas! Your kitchen already looks fabulous, but I can see those finds taking it to the next notch!! I think I have your baskets twin!

  11. Yes girl! The Vera Bradley's SOLD! YUCK! haha!

  12. Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun!

    I love gathering up everything and then doing a big Ta Da. This is going to be fun really fun to watch, too.

    BTW, I love your Christmas kitchen.

  13. Forgot to add that I also love this part:

    "Today, let's remember
    that how we manage our homes
    is a form of worship
    to God."

  14. A woman after my own heart. Love God. Love family. Love managing a home. That, for me, would be the best kind of birthday present. I can't wait to see what you do with it all! Lisa~

  15. That's my kind of birthday gift!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who picks things up and saves them for just the right time! Can't wait to see the finished product....good luck!

  16. Wow, can you come over to my house and do the same? :0) And where are these Goodwill stores that sell things so cheap? Ours must think they are an antique shop. Can't wait to see more!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  17. Oh Wow! You got some great stuff girl. I love the Christmas kitchen pictures, so festive!! Can't wait to see what you do with all of those baskets. Happy Early Birthday!!! Looking forward to seeing the kitchen all put together with your nice finds!!

  18. Oh, I love all your wonderful finds and bargains! Can't wait to see how your new kitchen comes out - tho I'm very enamored of your current kitchen.

  19. I can't wait to see what you do with all that great stuff! I soo need to go shoppin' with you. My Goodwill has never met yours!

    Oh and if you still want that header, just email me.

  20. oh my I just can't wait to see what you do with all that amazing stuff! Don't you just LOVE a great deal?? You have a great eye for it.
    Thanks again for linking up to "AP Tuesdays."
    I have to tell you, I see you comments on different posts (we must frequent the same places) and you are just so kind and genuine. You bless me through your comments on my blog and by your comments on others that are not even meant for me!:)

  21. Not weird at all ! I look forward to seeing the wonders you are going to work!

  22. Your before kitchen is lovely. I can’t wait to see what the after looks like. And I think it’s a great b-day present. I so want that beadboard in my kitchen. But, I don’t have a hubby to help. I’m trying to get up the nerve to tackle it myself.

  23. At my old house we just bought a gooseneck faucet for the kitchen. Oh how I miss it so. You will love the new faucet! If that is what you get!

  24. Oooh, Leslie, this is SOOO what I want to do, too! Can't wait to see your makeover. I'm just doing mine little bits and pieces at a time. Hmmm....our anniv. is the 14th......think I could pull a few strings?!?!

    I'm hostessing a WEDDING BLOG PARTY on the 25th and would love for you to join ~ just go to my blog and click on the bridal button on the sidebar to read about it ~ there will even be a sweet giveaway, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  25. Leslie,

    My birthday is next week as well! Love your kitchen as is but with your added touches it will look even more wonderful. What a thrifty shopper you are! Great deals indeed. Thank you for the reminder - how we manage our homes is a form of worship to God.
    I will keep that in my head and heart.

    Your Friend,

  26. Happy early birthday...hope you will be enjoying it. enjoyed your finds and projects. Need to keep being inspired by you.

  27. Love all of your current finds. I can't believe those storage baskets are only $1.99! I would have bought a whole dozen of them!

    Can't wait to see how it will look and what an awesome present. :)


  28. Good luck on this makeover...great buys, too - BUT what really caught my eye was your bulleting board - just adorable!


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