I Work for a King

I work for a King. 

He has put me in charge of his home. 
When He comes to see 
how I have managed His possessions 
and His children, 
I do not want to be found wanting. 

(Miss A and Barbie)

I want to do my best. 
Everything I have is on loan from Him. 
I have room and board and a job to do, 
but it is all for Him.

Therefore I want to dress my best 
and do my best in all my work. 

(Miss S-far right (and classmates) at her Home School Co-op Graduation 2009)

I also want to be creative, 
for this is a sincere attempt to glorify Him 
and His beautiful creation. 

How I manage my home 
is a form of worship to Him.

--Lydia Sherman

(I couldn't have said it better myself, Lydia!)

Let's remember WHO we REALLY work for.


  1. I want to frame that quote. I NEED to frame this quote. I love it.

    Col. 3:23 (Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men) is one of my favorite verses. I used to have my students put it at the top of every paper that they did.

    I was convicted in your post about what we wear being part of my worship. Hmmm.... I can get pretty sloppy around the house, especially when the traveling man is out of town. Thank you for that nudge.

    And I love the praying Barbie!!!!!

    Great post.

  2. Amen and amen! Blessings to you!

    Please say a faith prayer for us while we wait on God for a home.



  3. What a beautiful post! Thank you

  4. Good post and I love how the creative spirit, whether it be poems, flower arranging , decorating, crafting etc is such a reflection of our Creator God!

  5. Thanks for the reminder, Leslie. Hope you are having a great Monday. Susan

  6. I'm so glad you posted this! Thank you!

  7. Leslie,

    We're co-workers! Thank you for sharing such truths and the sweet photograph of darling Miss A saying prayers with Barbie.

    Your Friend,

  8. That's so true. If every day we kept that in mind life would be better!

  9. Amen sister! Always good to be reminded...

  10. What a great reminder! I try to remember this when doing the dreaded household chores like laundry and dishes... it makes me feel better. :)

  11. What a good reminder, from you and Lydia! Sometimes its hard to see the everyday chores in the same light as arranging flowers! But doing so givs more meaning to both activities and undoubtedly makes the chores more pleasant! My daughter is still sad but but doing well. Thanks for asking. She was very attatched to her little hamster.

  12. Leslie, that first photo brought tears to my eyes, what a precious sight, a little child praying. She already knows the importance, and so does Barbie ;)
    Glad you came by today, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a sweet comment!

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  14. Olá Leslie,

    Lindo texto, lindas imagens!!
    Realmente, tudo pertence a Ele! Somos apenas seus gerentes!!
    Que Ele, deus continue abençoando muito sua família!

    Hello Leslie,

    Beautiful text, beautiful images!
    Actually, everything belongs to Him! We're just your managers!
    He, God very continue to bless your family!

  15. What a beautiful post! and beautiful pictures! my lovely daughter had school-graduation one month ago so! I'm sorry if my writting english is not right! Have a lovely day! and God bless your home every day!

  16. We are blessed indeed.

    Thank you for your kind comments and support.
    May only lovely things be awaiting when you open your door.

  17. I LOVE this post....this is my heart too. (I'm also a home-school mom) I knew I like you!

  18. I have tears in my eyes and am a little choked up! This is just a wonderful post! The picture of your precious girl and the Barbie doll is unbelievable! What a glorious way to look at our roll as wives, mothers and homekeepers! Love it!

    I am copying this for my memory board!


    Thank you!

  19. This was such a beautiful post and your photos to accompany the commentary are wonderful. (I love the praying Barbie!). Thank you for a great reminder. laurie

  20. Ohh my dear Leslie, has a gift here for you! Peace!


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