How to make Bamboo Garden Trellises (Cheap! Cheap!)

Our organic garden is growing nicely,
and we even had a salad (albeit, small)
of arugula and radish already.

We are trying to learn when to plant certain salad foods that will grow
and be ready to harvest at the same time as the other food that accompanies it.

We are doing that by planting a few seeds 
of each food each week, 
so that we can have fresh carrots, scallions, radishes, etc.,
when we want them.

Home gardening is an interesting learning process 
that teaches us to fully rely on our Provider
for sun, rain, and the designed growth of each plant.

Our beans and tomatoes are getting tall.
They need trellises and some sort of support.

I stopped in our favorite store, Hobby Lobby,
and priced the iron trellises, 
since our garden is right outside our cafe'
I wanted it to look pretty-ish, not chicken-wirey.
But, the least expensive trellis, with 50% off was $10.00.
NOT economical, I need 5 or 6 of them already.

Then, on a whim, I trekked inside Big Lots!

Here's what I found--on the left.
See the price?
See how many are in the bag?
The jute, from Lowe's, was only $2.00.

Big Lots also has the stakes in 6 foot lengths.

I may go back and get some of those, too.

A light went on inside my skull!

So, I did this.

Then this.

Then around a stake, and tucked in.

Then around the next stake, and tucked in.

Then around the next stake, and tucked in. 
And cut.
I made 8 of these.

Here are the beans, sad, lying on the soil.

And, after.
I think they are actually smiling.

I tied them to the trellis with more jute pieces.

Now the tomatoes.

In other areas of the garden beds, squash.


And radishes!

My, how far you've come!
How big you've grown!


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  1. Love it! I heart jute... so many creative things to do with it :)

  2. Your garden looks great! My sister made really big ones like that when her kids were little and they would play inside of them. Like a big tepee!

  3. Muito bom mesmo!!!! Como eu queria uma bela horta como essa!!! Rsrsrrs. Parabéns!

  4. That's a brilliant idea - trellis can be really expensive! Your plants are doing so well you must be really pleased.


  5. It certainly is all growing well. How lovely to be able to grow tomatoes outside! Ours are in the greenhouse and are taking their time this year. We had one of the coldest winters for a long time this year and only in the last few weeks have things really started warming up and now the risk of frost at night is past!

  6. I love it, and once again I stand here (OK...sit here) amazed at what you can figure out to do. Don't you want to come south and be my life coach?

    I so very much agree about the backyard garden being a learning process. We have already written down several things that we'll do differently next year.

    Great idea with the bamboo. I know it looks charming when you come out of the cafe.

    (Which I STILL think is my favorite idea so far)

  7. Leslie, what a brilliant idea. We don't garden. I wish we did. We would have to put an electric fence up around a garden like our neighbors did. We have too many deer here.

  8. Leslie, I always enjoy your posts. I'm going to try to get to Big Lots today and use some of that bamboo for something INSIDE the house -- not even sure what, but what a great buy.

    My husband and I had a garden years ago (what work). We also grew radishes and were so proud because our radishes were the BIGGEST I had ever seen. When we finally decided they were big enough to harvest, we discovered that they had the consistency of wood. We later learned that bigger isn't always better when it comes to radishes. Turns out that they are suppose to be harvested when young and crisp. Who knew?

    I didn't like radishes even before we planted them, now I dislike them even more.

    Your garden it looking gorgeous!

  9. I am so amazed at how clever people are. I love the pictures...especially the one looking down at the tomatoes. I am going to have to think of something to use that bamboo for. I mean, three dollars! I'm obligated to buy them. LOL! Lisa~

  10. Your garden looks so happy now! Our is a sad, soggy mess.

  11. Oh, now this is a great idea, cheap and looks so much better than those wire cages. I'm so sad that our Big Lots closed... booo.

    Anyway, thanks for always linking my Flaunt it Friday party, sorry if I haven't always commented every week. The time gets away from me!

    Also, thanks for all your sweet comments. You're one of my regulars and I just love that!:) xoxo

  12. Once again you have out done yourself! These are gorgeous and fit in with the organic-ness of your garden. Frugal Score from Big Lots! Here is to a very happy and productive garden.

    I second the suggestion of you being a life coach. You inspire me regularly with your life and with your encouraging words.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I will be having a give away sometime today...a yard sale find give away.

    PS: Send me your address via Email...I have a little something for your Birthday.

    June Babies ROCK!

  13. Functional and good-looking too. Your veggies are growing nicely:)

  14. What a smart idea....cute and thrifty, I love that!

    Thank you for linking up this week!

  15. Julie is right what a smart idea on putting that to your veggies . i wonder if you have a post about garden wind spinner

  16. I totally understand with the advices that has been given in this post about bamboo garden trellises making.


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