Creative and Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas

(For those of you wondering--I AM working on the kitchen,
I thought it was going to take 1 week, it hasn't.
I thought I was Superwoman, but I'm not.)

I am milking this Birthday week for all its worth!
Wouldn't you?

THANK YOU all SO much
for the beautiful, encouraging and lovely Birthday wishes!
Y'all are the best!

If I could, I'd have you all over and we'd have a big partay in our cafe'!!

The more the merrier!

I had a wonderful day!

My mom was the first one to call me
and wish me a happy day!
Other surprises came throughout the day--
presents that were so personal and creative,
I HAVE to share them with you!!!

My daughter, Miss S, honored me on her blog,
Whimsy and Glee.

My mom gave me something I love--
and you MUST try if you ever get the chance!
They are the best!

Penzey's Spices.

Then, my sweet friend, Ann,
brought me a most unique and creative gift.
A bag with tissue.

Read the card.
It says,
"Every girl needs some pocket change for like
Good Will, Garage Sales"

She's SO right!
See the gift.

Spending cash!

Wasn't that a great idea?

The next morning, I found this on my porch.
A package all the way from Arizona.
From a lady I have never met in person,
but love to joke around with on her blog.

My first comment to her, ever, 
on one of her phenomenal posts
about the AWESOME deals and home making items she finds, was:

You and I would SO fight at yard sales and at Good Will over stuff!
I would knock you down and run you over to get those finds you found first, LOL!
I love all things French, too!
My favorite thing that you found is that concrete urn thingy- it is divine!
Well, it's so nice to meet you, 
and I probably would be nice to you if we went shopping together. 
I'd help you up off the ground after I got what I wanted."

So, we have had this exchange on our blogs about 
our Ninja Yard Sale moves--
outmaneuvering each other to get the item we both want.

Hence, the comments on her card and envelope.

Audra's blog is Frugal Missus,
and she is HEE LARRY US!
I just love her!

Here's what she sent me--
very sweet because she thought of Mark, too!
He was wandering around the house with them
trying to decide where they should go!

Aren't they awesome?!
I "love" them!
Thank you, Audra!
You warmed my heart and
I am so
delighted that you thought of me!

Okay, so I am done talking about my birthday,
but thought you'd like some present ideas
for your friends and family, too!

Have a wonderfully blessed day--

I am going back in to the kitchen to caulk something.



  1. How super sweet are these? Happy Birthday to you! All your birthday gifts are just lovely and the sentiments make them wonderful. Love the idea of the money jar! Simple and clever. And the His and Hers signs are just awesome, I am jealous I admit. So I'll have to point everyone to this post for my birthday. Enjoy!

  2. Just make sure it's not a cupcake ~ you know how that caulk can look like frosting! ; ) Happy Birthday week! I love all your gifts ~ the signs are great and a jar full of singles is always nice to have on hand.

  3. Lovely gifts!
    I'd love to come partay in your cafay!xxx


  5. Happy Birthday Leslie,
    I just found your blog and this was a most enjoyable post. I will return soon. Have a wonderful weekend, susie

  6. Sounds like you are having a great birthday week. I love the signs! Lezlee

  7. Oy my...I hope I am not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday!

    Looks like you are getting lots of fun goodies and celebrating in style!


  8. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great one!

  9. What wonderful gifts! You have really had the birthday that keeps on giving, haven't you?

    I like that kind!

  10. What great gifts you got! Glad to see you are milking your birthday week. We should all do that, we deserve it! Now get back to work on that kitchen. I'm dying to see it finished so it will give me a shove to start mine. :)

  11. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!!~ Can't get much more special that that!~ You have a sweet family and some sweet friends. WHAT your not finished with that kitchen yet...yes we did think you where super woman!!~ Just energy level is going down down maybe you can grab it in the process. Thanks Leslie for popping over.

  12. Love everything....glad you had a wunnerful birfdae

  13. What wonderful gifts! I love those scripture cards in the background. Great reminders.

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY...luv the idea that your friend had with the CASH JAR...I need a friend like her:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  15. Leslie, definitely milk your birthday all week. I love the things you got especially the jar to money for thrifting. That is the best gift ever.

  16. Awww! Thanks for the super kind words! I am thrilled that you loved these signs. Ok.. I do have to admit that I almost tripped a lady to get to these because she was on the phone with her friend chatting about the cute Hob Lob stuff and I spied these. So I just maneuvered around cuz... these screamed your name.

    I heard her comment..."Oh, I just saw these cute signs but another shopper got them!" Sorry sweetie but ...someone else needed them!

    GURL! I love Penzey's Spices! This is a gift and a half. I have given them as wedding gifts as well. I actually got my first batch of Penzey Spices from a yard sale...still in the wooden box never opened. That's when my love affair began. If there was a store in would be dan...ger...ous! Thank goodness for online ordering1

    Loving the little jar of cash. What a wonderful gift...I may have to borrow that idea1

    Glad to know you had the most amazing birthday, I hope you have a glorious weekend to round it out.

  17. Well Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like it was perfect from start to finish!

    Blogging buddies continually amaze me with their generosity. So wonderfully nice of Audra to send you such a GREAT gift. I can see why you'd knock her down at a garage sale...she's got great taste!

  18. What awesome gifts! Thanks you so very much for stopping by my blog and leaving the super-nice comment. I appreciate it so much.

    Many blessings,
    Necel from the Old House in Texas

  19. Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!
    Birthday Gift Ideas

  20. Its very adorable and so cute good that you shared. Keep posting!


  21. You have really had the birthday that keeps on giving, Send gifts to Pakistan from UK, Keep posting!

  22. Teeth grillz are a very cool and creative birthday gift idea for men and women.


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