Sunday Serenity- Happy Mother's Day!!

Like a baby,
content in its 
mothers arms,

so my soul 
is content.

Psalm 131:2



  1. Such a sweet photo Leslie! Blessings to you. I included you in my post today. I couldn't remember if you were a grandmother so I didn't put you there ...even if you are one of my favorite bloggers!

  2. That photo is way adorable! Lezlee

  3. Hi Leslie! That is the cutest photo ever. Did you take that? Soooo cute. Hope your day was sweet-----like you! Sincerely, Susan

  4. Hi!
    No, I didn't take this picture, but found it somehow last year- I just thought it was about the most precious picture I had ever seen.
    It is a European Otter with her babeh!

  5. Such a sweet photo. I hope your day was wonderful and filled with joy.

  6. This photo is sooooo cute!! It matches the verse so beautifully too :)

  7. What a beautiful picture! Where did you get that?
    Hope you had a wonderful mother's day. (It's in March in the UK.)
    Thanks for visiting my blog again :-)

    In answer to your question - Dandelion Fritters. Dandelion flowerheads dipped in pancake batter and cooked both sides. Serve with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. Actually, they don't add much of a taste to the pancake, but it is a fun thing to do - especially for my little dandelion picker. :-)

  8. That is the cutest little picture!!!

    I also love the Psalm. What beautiful imagery it has. Hope you had a Mother's Day full of soul contentment.

  9. Not sure where you managed to find such a sweet photo...but the scripture makes it even sweeter. Hope your mothers day was special!


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