Roadside Rescue of a Fountain--My Curby Find

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On to my story about my curby find.

What is a curby?
(Here's my definition):
It is an abandoned, neglected, unwanted, discarded item,
that used to be treasured by the owner of the home's curb 
on which the item has been placed.
It becomes a curby find, when the finder, a passerby, retrieves the item
and makes it useful once again.

I spied a pile of stuff, there is no nicer better word for it,
and I just had to stop and dig through the pile.

My daughters are used to me slowing down when "stuff" 
on someone's curb is spotted,
However, they know what this means.

This means 
I will embarrass them by getting out of the car to inspect someone else's trash.

If I want some one else's trash, 
this also means that
they will have to also get out of the car and help me put this trash in the car.

This also means 
that the back seats go down so that the find will be able come with us,
which usually has them both either squished together in the front seat,
or in the back holding onto this new treasure
so it doesn't fly out of the car.

This find, however, fit nicely in the back of the CR-V.

Here it is--

The reason the previous owners had thrown it out?
A crack in the bottom, where the water leaked out.

Professional Description of the Solution
to the Problem: 
1. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol,
so the Sealant will stick.

2. Squirt some Silicone Sealant down in there.

3. Spread Sealant around with a spoon, and let dry.

Add water (and a few drops of blue food coloring) to previously discarded item,
and enjoy your new-to-you treasure!

This fountain is wonderful to have on our deck
because our backyard, although it is a mini-forest,
the trees still don't conceal all the traffic noise
from the road behind our fence.

The trickling sounds from our find does.

We now enjoy using our deck!

Now, girls, when you see "stuff" on the curb,
you'd better go dig through it, if you dare,
you never know what you'll find!


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  1. What a great find. And I'm impressed you knew how to fix it. I love "curbys" but Mr. Beachhouse hates them. Glad you have such luck with your curbys.

  2. Omg Leslie! I can't believe someone threw it out for the crack. My fountain at my old house was sealed the same way with the silicone. I left it behind. I hope to get a new one but wow, finding one in the the trash. I could only dream :) It's beautiful!

  3. Hello Leslie, that is one amazing find!! One man's junk is another man's/woman's treasure :) Just about anything can find a new life if you work and think hard enough with/about it.

    Have a fabulous week! Warmest, Brenda

  4. Look amazing!!! What a great free find!

  5. I can't believe it! They didn't think to try and seal the crack? Especially with nothing else wrong with it ~ your gain, Leslie! It's great; I love fountains.

  6. Girl that find goes into the Curbside Rescue Hall of Fame!!!! Suh-WEET! Congrats Leslie.

  7. Wow! What a lucky girl! You hit the jackpot with that one! It is just beautiful!


  8. That is a wonderful find and what a great job you did "fixin" it!

  9. Wow, what a great find!!! I am on the lookout for a fountain to disguise noises too! Love the idea of a little blue coloring in it.

  10. Love it! That was a luck day for sure!

  11. I am all about finding stuff at the curb...and open trash day is my absolute favorite time! This is a great find! Congratulations!

  12. This is great! I would have screeched to a halt to rescue her as well! I also curb shop!!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda :)

  13. I'm so glad you saved it! It is gorgeous!

  14. What a great idea to put a fountain on the deck to mask traffic noise! I find that I crave quiet and this will help.

  15. I can't believe that someone threw that out just because of a crack which, as you've proven, could be fixed quite easily!! Oh well, finders keepers, as they say - and what a find it was! It looks fabulous and is an added bonus if it helps to drown out the traffic noise as well. xxx

  16. OMG! What a lucky find! Nobody throws any trash to the curb worth looking at here!

  17. THat's beautiful! I got a FREE fountain last year at a yardsale. I need to get busy & get it going this year. It works and everything, but I don't have a great place to plug in the cord.

  18. What a wonderful find. No one here ever throws away anything nice. Good job at finding the problem and fixing it.

  19. Are.

    I can't believe that you found and fixed something that great! Do you know what I find when I check out the curby stuff?

    Garbage. Sigh.

  20. Oh Leslie. What a FABULOUS find. I absolutely loved the fountain. GREAT JOB! Sincerely, Susan

  21. Wonderful, Leslie! I'm glad you saw it and saved it!

  22. Wow that is a great find. At first when you said Curby , I thought of Kurby or some such thing which at one time was a vacuum cleaner. Oh, Minkey made a comment on your Tinsel post...hmmm, is that the right spelling!!?

  23. Awesome! That fountain IS a treasure. And how clever you were to fix the problem and bring it back to life. I also like how humorously you described they way you found it.

  24. Amazing! Come by and see my latest 'curby' find ;D

  25. good save! i probably would have driven right by it.

  26. Wow what a wonderful find. I love water fountains, and that comes from my absolute love of waterfalls. That actually started when I was a little girl, staring at the shredded wheat box, which of course had a picture of Niagra Falls on it. I have a small water fountain, but nothing as big and neat as your former trash item. I never thought I would care for looking through people trash, but maybe I should rethink that. Almost embarrased to say that. My hubby liked people's trash too. He kept coming home with these broken lawn mowers. Then he would fix them. Anyway, what a pleasure to read your blog page. Thank you for letting me visit.

  27. Was your car on two wheels for the ride home?

    That's an amazing find!!!! The previous owners were just passing it along to YOU!!! Yay!! It looks lovely!!!

  28. That is a great find! I am not afraid to inspect someone else's trash heap either - I think it's a family trait for me. I bet your girls will do it when they are grown too :)

  29. So AMAZZZZINNNGGG (trying my Oprah voice)
    that you would find this beauty by the curb.
    I just decided to follow your blog to see what kind of other things you find...
    have a great day (listening to your water fountain....lucky duck
    blessings, lol

  30. I was just saying on another blog I am amazed at what people find for free!! I love your fountain!

  31. I'm soooo jealous...great job with fixing the crack...looks outstanding! HAPPY NTT!


  32. Yup , I am jealous too ! Love it !

  33. Great save! Bet that would have cost you $200 new!
    Stopping by from NTT,

  34. That his one great fountain. Not only was it free, it is a really nice design too. And you knew just what to do with it. Good for you. IGotta love a pile of junk by the road. :)

  35. I woulda stopped too!!! cool find....

  36. I'm swooning over that beautiful fountain!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

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