Dorm Decor and Saying Goodbye & Hello

This past year was one of those years that was different from the rest.

My older daughter, Miss S, started college,
so we said, GOODBYE!
And I was down to one daughter, Miss A, still at home to homeschool.

Miss S's room was empty.
Miss S was not home to play Bach and Mozart and Chopin for me while I cooked dinner.
Miss S was not here to help Miss A with her homework, or to hug when needed.

It was quieter.
We did cry.
We did laugh at memories.
And we did talk on the phone,

I missed Miss S.
Miss A missed Miss S.
We all missed Miss S.
(Try saying that 3 times VERY quickly!)

What gave us and Miss S comfort was that we set her up in her dorm,
(and dorms are U-G-L-Y)
to make it feel more like her own room, (minus the Apple Green walls).

Her Hall (building she lives in, the third or middle floor).

What you would see if you stood outside on the balcony.

The foyer, left side.
Doubles as a foyer, linen closet, using the baskets to
hold towels, toilet paper, extra lightbulbs, soap, paper bags.

The foyer, right side.
Doubles as a kitchen, pantry, clothes closet, cupboard.

The campus has an enormous rose garden, 
and when the blooms are nearly spent, 
the landscapers trim them & lay the roses on top 
of the nearby shrubs for the students to take with them.

I should tell you, she has no roommate. 
Poor American college student--a room all to herself!
So, there are 2 of everything, 2 beds, 2 dressers, 2 desks.
We brought the bookcases.

This area is for her friends or sister when they come visit, which they did, a lot.

Love note from dad.

Her High School graduation gift.

Where Goldilocks sleeps.

Where the 2 bears sleep.
(What do you mean there are supposed to be 3 bears?
The other bear must be in the shower or at the Dining Hall, I think).

Where Miss S eats.

What Miss S eats.

A visit with Miss S.
Miss A and I are very proud of her.
Miss S is in the middle.

Her last class of her Freshman year was today.
We will be picking her and the rest of her things today and tomorrow.

So, Miss S will be home for the summer,

I am looking forward to laughter and piano music and hugs.
Miss A looks forward to help with her homework.
And what I most look forward to is NOT seeing an empty room.


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  1. What a beautiful rose garden! You are lucky to have her home for the summer. I am down to just #3 son at home now. #1 son is finished with college and #2 will be taking summer classes so he will stay put for the summer. But he has to switch dorms just for the summer semester!

  2. That certainly looks better than any dorm room I ever lived in!

  3. I went through that times two. My kids were one year behind each other in school. My son left first and them my daughter. I cried all the way home after helping them set up their dorms. So great to have them back home in the summer and hard to watch them leave again!

  4. Love your post. Do you have any details on the crochet throw shown in a couple of the pictures. It looks like a yo-yo throw, but I can tell it is crochet. Love it!

  5. Furman is the most beautiful school! My daughter wants to go there too. She's only 11 so we have some time. I bet you ARE glad she's home for the summer. :-)

  6. Oh Leslie,enjoy every single second with Miss S this summer. Their time at home with us goes by SO FAST and then, they are gone! Lovely post, Leslie. Sincerely, Susan

  7. You are SUCH a wonderful writer! Have you thought of writing a book? Thank you for the beautiful comment that you left on my blog! The pictures on today's post are so effective that I feel like I have just met you and both of your daughters personally! It is a joy to read your posts!

  8. Made my eyes leak... So proud of everyone of you...that is to say, all four of the Hoyt's!!!

  9. Awwww.......I can't imagine that day my boys leave the room mate how did that happen? Her room looks cute, home away from home!~ Best wishes to your daughter!~

  10. I loved this one. I can relate so much to everything that you write. It's just so much nicer to have them back home in the nest. I also love the fun of decorating the dorm room. That's the single thing that I anticipate about this summer as my nest moves toward the completely empty stage.

    She has/had a great dorm room, and what a BEAUTIFUL view and flower garden. My older one would be crazy about that!

    You have such a pretty family!

  11. It's wonderful to have them home for the summer. I missed mine terribly each time they left. Having boys, there was no dorm decorating for us. Once we got the stuff inside the door, they were pretty much ready for me to leave them to discovering their new digs. I’m sure it’s nice having a hand in making the space warm & inviting for your daughter.

  12. I'm so happy for you. I remember those days with my daughter. But alas I still have an empty room, b/c my only child moved away after she graduated from college. Enjoy the summer!
    thanks so much for the very kind words about my giant faux clock table!

  13. Hi Leslie, so glad you came by to visit and comment. Our older daughter went away to school, and I missed her so much. Our younger stayed in town, but found an apartment. Missing our girls is just so hard, but so good for them to have that wonderful opportunity. So glad you get to have her back really soon! How wonderful to get the roses, what a sweet gesture that is.
    hugs and blessings,

  14. Aww, I know exactly how you feel. This was my son's first year away from home. He is studying chemistry in Glasgow. We will be fetching him for the summer on the 22nd May. It is a much quieter house without him, and I did shed a number of tears, but it won't be long now.
    How lovely to see a picture of you with your precious daughters. They look lovely!

  15. Looks like your daughter inherited your awesome "home making" skills!
    Was wondering if you got my email? HAve an awesome day!

  16. Leslie,

    Enjoy the homecoming! It's great to know the little birds can soar but so wonderful when they come back to the nest (if only for a summer.)

    I would miss the piano music too!

    Your Friend,

  17. That note from Dad was just precious! Glad you have your girl home and your room (and heart) full!

  18. This post made me tear up a little bit.

  19. Ohh.. You're such a sweet and supportive mom! It's hard for us to see our kiddos go. Not seeing them for a while hurt us so bad. But it's a way of life. We really have to let our kids live their own lives once they grow up. But no matter what happens, we're still here guiding and supporting them. BTW, your daughter's room looks gorgeous! It doesn't look like a dorm either. Keep safe sweetie!


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