Basement BORING to Basement BLAST!

Mark and I had the honor of redesigning my nieces' and nephew's basement.
He played handyman, and I got to decide how we spent the money
(my favorite thing to do is spend other people's money).

It had just been finished with real walls and carpet and ceilings, 
and my brother and sister-in-law wanted to make the space
a hang out for their kids.

One niece is a teenager,
the next one just became a teenager,
and my nephew is a pre-teen.

So, I interviewed them.
Asked them what they thought they wanted to do here.

The girls wanted a fun room, organized, a place for crafts,
with lots of space for them to dance around or play-act in. 

My nephew wanted a clear floor for the boys to play-fight in 
(they're gonna do it anyway, might as well give 'em room)
and places to sit to play games or watch movies.

The parents wanted a place they all could play nicely together.

All the furniture in the before pictures was used and we added two tables from their attic
(these got painted).

The budget was $400.

This area was cool to paint, especially because of the triple-treyed ceiling.

The walls were kept bare so things 
wouldn't get knocked into or down while playing ping-pong.

CD racks from my niece's bedroom.
Canisters hold crayons, markers, and colored pencils.


This cabinet needed an update.
It was painted white (of course) and 
the knobs were spray-painted with a brushed nickel color.

The color scheme was based on the shower curtains that were found at Wal-Mart.
(I am not too proud to decorate with things from Wal-Mart)!

Then I added some Wall Pops we found at Lowe's for $11 a set.
Lowe's no longer carries them, but this SITE does.
3 sets are in this room--Electric Blue, Navy and Lime.
Valspar paint, matched to the lime Wall Pops was $25.

The love seat received a $70 slipcover from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The mirror ($20), lime green pillow ($15) and paper lanterns ($9 ea.) are from Pier 1.

Shelving, glass canisters, navy pillows, Cookie Monster rug, desk lamp, lava lamp,
paint (nickel for knobs and white for furniture), green bins (to hold videos),
and two shower curtains (+hooks/rods), chenille throw, 
and starburst clock from Wal-Mart ($200).

The total for purchases was $397 (tax included).
The looks on the faces of my little peeps: Priceless!

The ping-pong table (that Uncle Mark put together for them)
and electronic dart board were Christmas presents, 
that now had a space to be played with in!

It was so much FUN to do this for them and they LOVED their new space!

(We love you Rachel, Vanessa and Kevin!
Love, Uncle Mark and Aunt Leslie)


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  1. What a great space. I love the lime walls and the way you spread the color around the room. The kids must love it too.

  2. Wow, Leslie, that looks great!! You guys did an awesome job on this.

  3. Leslie that looks terrific! I love the fun colors you used! Was that first roll of green a little scary? I'm sure it was, but it looks great! Looks like they have a lot of room to hang out with their friends and play ping pong. I know my kids loved having a basement and I miss it sometimes~

  4. Looks great! I would have loved to have a place like that at my house when I was in high school...ok, I STILL would!

  5. This is great! I so wish I had the vision to transform my boring rooms to fab! Great job!

  6. That is one fun place for the kids to hang out! Great job! What a nice Aunt and Uncle you guys are. Our nieces and nephews, and greats, are very special to us too.

  7. Thanks for breaking down the cost of everything so we could see the prices of the things you incorporated. And great job! That basement looks bodacious now!

  8. What a great space. Love the colors. Wonderful transformation.

  9. Yes, the first roll of green was scary, in fact my brother-in-law was kinda scared the whole time we were painting! He was okay when it was over!

  10. This space looks wonderful! I love those wall pops. Wouldn't something like that be great in a dorm room?

    The whole space just looks clean, happy, and fun. I would love something like that in our house. (Well... actually I would REALLY love somebody's little coffee bistro, but I love this too.)

  11. You and your hubby did an amazing job, Leslie! What's not to love?! I like how everything has it's own area and yet there is an area for everyone to be together.

  12. Oh wow! You did a great job! But then again, how could I expect anything less?!?! Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent with us!

  13. Wow! I love the bright green. It really livens it up. Everything looks so organized yet inviting and fun. It reminds me of the late 60's/early 70's style. Great job.

  14. YOU ARE THE COOLEST AUNT AND UNCLE EVER!!!! For as great as it looks it's hard to believe you stayed under $400!! What a gift you eye for style...artistic flair! I love your blog...there's always something inspiring!

  15. you really turned it into a space that kids will love to hang out in! great transformation! :)
    xoxo's nancy

  16. And you are how far from NC???? wow.....great job Aunt Leslie

    ps....there is an award for you on my blog...blessings

  17. What a fun space! Love the green you used, and the dots. Great job!

  18. Hi Leslie, What a bright, cherry place to be. I love the fun colors in the room! The kids will have a blast there. Thanks for sharing.

  19. You did a great job transforming that space. I bet the kids love it. And on such a small budget. That's as good or better than many of the HGTV redo's I've seen.

  20. Looks great. I need to do something like that to our basement.

  21. BAsements can be so challenging with dark rooms, low ceilings and who hasn't seen those ceiling tiles before but you managed to turn it in to a fun room and bright colors now...I bet they will love to spend time there!

  22. Hi Leslie, I just had to stop back by and say thank you for your visit. Your sweet comment was so appreciated. I'm happy you enjoyed my angel collection and that it brought back some great memories for you.

  23. that is a perfect teenager room! they have space to play and hang out and create. i love the color combination, too. y'all did a great job!

  24. That turned out great! Perfect teenager hang-out.

  25. Hmmmmmmm Leslie,

    I may have to hire you to redo my den. I am in Raleigh though...that is probably a good distance away. I would love to meet you some day sweet knew you were most likely to young to be a grandmother, but I wanted to include you as a favorite blogger.

  26. What a cool room... perfect for those ages! Great job.

  27. Great job! I really like your work! I can't wait to read your other posts. I am your newest follower.

  28. That is one cool makeover! You and Mark make a great team!!! (in more ways than one, hehe) No wonder they asked you to spend their money, they knew they could trust you! It's so bright and fun, I can see those kids/teens enjoying this space for years to come. Hats off to ya'!

    1. Hi Mrs. C :)
      We do have fun creating things together. I tell him what to do and he does it. Perfect!

  29. Leslie and Mark,

    Congratulations!! Another fantastic and amazing job! Those kids are pretty lucky to have such talented and giving aunt and uncle. You must post photos of their first teen get together in the basement.


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