Atlanta, IKEA, Sisters and a Giveaway!

Hello to you all!
I pray you all are having a wonderfully blessed day,
making your home,
(or at the moment, surfing the Web and reading blogs),
and being content with your gifts
big and small.

I will be gone for a few days!
I am travelling down to Hot-lanta this morning 
and meeting up with my sister, Stephenie at IKEA, 
then we are staying the weekend with our other sister, Ana.

When I get back, 
I will be having a giveaway!

and participating in the blog-wide giveaway at

My giveaway is for the birds.
Here's a hint of one of the items you can win!

Other things I have been working on this week,
and want to show you next week are:

I am working in our Guest Bedroom,
just shopping the rest of the house for items to make this space welcoming.

Been working on this stubborn chair, to reupholster it.
It's a Regency Occasional Hickory Chair I found at Goodwill for $5.
Trying to remove the nailhead trim is a beast!

This is 15 minutes worth of pulling and prying.
4 nails removed-ugh.
May have to resort to something else.
Anyone have any ideas?

And my girls and I had a lovely afternoon,
the day that Miss S came home from college.

So, to all of you,
I wish you a very pleasant weekend,
and I'll see you when I get home.

Off I go---
IKEA here I come!

Now, all you home makers, go make your home beautiful!



  1. Have fun Leslie! I really need to plan a trip to Ikea, myself. I should make a list though because it is not some place I get to often. I love the bird print in your guest room.

  2. Have fun at Ikea. It is definitely hot here this weekend!

  3. Have a safe trip & a fun weekend with your sisters. Ohhh, IKEA, I wish there was one closer to me. Five hours to Chicago, not cost effective. And that cake looks devine!

  4. Have fun at the Atlanta Ikea! Oh I miss it! Is it bad when I think about going to Atlanta to visit my boys that shopping is neck and neck with that? I miss Fabrics and Fringe too!

  5. Have fun with your sisters! Ikea is one of my favourite shops, but there isn't one anywhere near here.
    I have a special tool called a tack remover that is like a screwdriver with a bent end with a v shape in it. It is great for removing tacks. Also, I sometimes use pincers. Like pliers but different.
    I'll drop you an email soon! :-)

  6. Oh Ikea is SO dangerous for me!! I always come out with way more than necessary/intended/my husband would allow, haha:) Somehow I always find ways to justify it! Have fun!

  7. Ikea, sisters, atlanta, OH my! Sounds great! Have fun!

  8. Have a wonderful trip! I hope you find some fun goodies at IKEA!

    I am looking forward to seeing all of your upcoming projects!


  9. Leslie,

    I am so excited that you are joining in on the Twice Remembered Cottage Charm Give Away! What a tease...I collect birdcages! My Julia Child cookbook arrived yesterday and I've been busy deciding which recipe I will use first. I'm not as confident as you are. Enjoy shopping at Ikea and your sisters' company.

    Your Friend,

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! Can't wait to see what treasures you find!
    Can't wait to see what your give away is too...I love birds.
    Your guest room looks inviting, love the color on the walls.

  11. There is much joy in spending time with our sisters! Safe journey and I will love to hear about your trip on your return. Your cake looks wonderful, I can almost taste it from here ;)

  12. Have FUN, Leslie. Your cakes looks wonderful and I also love the scrollwork underneath your wall plates. Be sure to show the finished "chair" project. Take care and see you when you get back. Sincerely, Susan

  13. I've been to the Atlanta Ikea. Great place! I hope you find some treasures. In the meantime, I'll just hang out and plan what I'm going to do with the giveaway that I am planning to win!

  14. What a fun blog - I don't know how I stumbled here, but am so glad that I did! Try a palette knife under the nail head to loosen and then pull them out. Loosen all of them first and then go around and pull them out. Maybe? Or you could wet that leather a bit to make it more supple so everything comes out more easily.

    I love that you have the Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee at the top of your blog - don't you just love at the end of sermons when the pastor gives the benediction - I always get such a sense of peace. Take care and I'll be back :)

  15. I love the way the guest room is looking so far, can't wait to see what else you do!!

  16. Hope you had fun! I love that chair!

  17. Can't wait to see all the GOODies coming up!

  18. Have a safe trip!
    That cake looks mighty tasty!

  19. Hope you're having fun (or had, if you're already back). I gave you a Trendy Blog award. Come on over and check it out.

  20. A pry bar has a little v at each end. It's the perfect thing for prying off those nail heads. Here's what they look like -
    I can't wait to see the end result.

  21. Love the look of your cake, and the wedding picture ! Wish I could taste the cake.. oh I did. :-) Yum ! Do you have the recipe?

    Hope your trip was wonderful. I'm enjoying your blog !

  22. Hi Leslie, I couldn't email you back. You are a "noreply" but I just used a thin small flat head screwdriver to wiggle underneath the nail head. Sort of work it one side then the other because sometimes the head will break off! Then you pull it out with the needle nose. Your might be in further because of the leather fabric. It did take me a loooong time to do. I think I've seen a little tool in the upholstery section at Joanns. Not positive. I love that chair and can't believe it was only $5! What sort of fabric did you have in mind? If it's really giving you fits you could do a slip cover with a short pleated skirt. You could slip both the back and the seat but try removing the nails on the back first then recover that and maybe just skirt the seat.

    I wish I lived near you too. I would love to help you stage. That would be so much fun! I think what some people don't realize is that sometime you have to spend some money to make more money! Sorry this is so long!


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