Sunday Serenity

Each Sunday, I will feature a picture taken by one of my daughters, 
and some words of faith, hope, and love given by our Father:

I can 
lie down
sleep soundly

because you Lord,
will keep me 

Psalm 4:8

(These are our ferrets. Sylvia is the white one (Coloring: Silver Mitt), 
and Claire is the one who looks like a baby bear (Coloring: Chocolate Sable).
They are the sweetest, most gentle animals and we just adore them.


  1. Are those farrets? My oldest son had 2 when he was in jr. high and high school. They were so cute, but it was a good thing his room was in the basement. :-)
    Very sweet blog you have here. I found you through Debbie's. Following and will be back 'at least' for your Sunday Serenity! :-)
    Have a fantastic week!

  2. Yes, they are our "little sisters".
    We bathe our ferrets about once a month and no one ever knows we have them unless we tell them. They also have had their scent glands removed.
    They live upstairs in our laundry room.
    Even at their stinkiest, they have never smelled as bad to me as a wet dog or a dog with doggie breath does ;)
    Hugs to you, too!


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