Roadside Rescue of a Cabinet--My Curby Find

I was just driving with my girls down the road
minding my own business, driving Miss S to her piano lesson,
when guess what I spied??

A treasure.
A find.
A Masterpiece.

A dirty, scroungy, moldy cabinet that, 
during the remodeling of a bathroom,
of a very old home, someone had put on the curb,
which I thought had some potential.

I slowed down and my girls groaned.
they know what this means.

This means 
I will embarrass them by getting out of the car to inspect someone else's trash.

If I want some one else's trash, 
this also means that
they will have to also get out of the car and help me put this trash in the car.

This also means 
that the back seats go down so that the find will be able come with us,
which usually has them both either squished together in the front seat,
or in the back holding onto this new treasure
so it doesn't fly out of the car.

This is exactly what happened this day.

We got the piece home and to the back deck because Beefcake 
wouldn't let me bring it in the house until it was sanitized.

It was gross and smelled funny.
But wouldn't you have brought it home, too?

I cleaned and sanitized her, 
gave her a fresh coat of paint and here she sits in the corner of the breakfast room.

She is quite useful.
Napkins and hand towels in $3.00 baskets from 
Old Time Pottery.

Dish towels and cookbooks.

One of our ways to be "green" is by using cloth napkins.

 I love turning ugly & abandoned things 
into beautiful & useful ones, 
for this is what Jesus' love has done for me!



  1. LOVE IT!!! I would LOVE to have a cabinet like that in my kitchen! And $3.00 for those baskets? What a great deal!

  2. I can sympathize with your daughters...I used to hate it when my mom did the same thing, spying treasure in someone else's trash. And now, years later, I do it too!
    What a neat find and it looks awesome all prettied up in your breakfast room.
    Love it :)

  3. good for you! you are my kinda gal! it turned out great! love it!

  4. You did an awesome job! Such a great idea adding chalk paint inside the doors! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. I love it! That is the perfect size cabinet, too. I really like how you've filled it up. The baskets are perfect. Can you believe people throw away perfectly good things like that? *evil grin* Thank goodness they do! I predict that one day your girls will break for junk too!

  6. OK... I love this. I laughed all the way to the great transformation, and then I oooohed. I would absolutely love this in my house. I REALLY like the use of the baskets. We,too,use cloth napkins. To be honest, it's not necessarily a "green" decision as much as it is just a "thing" with me. It's a kick that I got on many years ago and never stopped, a way to make the house just a lttle bit more the home.

    And then, the last statement just warmed the heart. Well done.

  7. Leslie this is GORGEOUS! I would've totally stopped and picked it up too! Great find and you did a great job on it!

  8. Embarrassing our kids. That's what it's all about! Your cabinet is fabulous and it is just about the right size for my laundry room! You did a great job on it. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog :)

  9. WOW Leslie. That was an awesome find. It looks fabulous and just perfect for that corner of the room. You have a great eye for fabulous finds! Sincerely, Susan

  10. Love the comical story about your daughters. I so would have picked this up. It looks great and I really like how you painted the inside of the doors with chalkboard paint. And it's too cool too find a fellow blogger so close to me!

  11. I totally would have stopped by and picked that up! If I didn't my husband probably would have! :) Great re-do, I love it! :)

  12. Leslie, that cabinet turned out great. I love the way you painted the inside green. My hostas that you asked about. I don't know the variety. I was given a plant from my sister-in-laws yard and I divided it and planted them and they have done well every year until about August they start looking poorly. I am going to try to stay ahead of the bugs this year. All I know is they are a dark solid green leaf and I am sure just a common variety for this area.

  13. Leslie, now that is one awesome find!! It is absolutely wonderful now!

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. I would have done the exact same thing!! Curby's (you taught me that word) are the best!! you did good!! What a wonderful transformation!! I am also lovin the candlestick beside the cabinet!

  15. I can't believe you just found that!!!! How lucky! I have 2 of these cabinets. One was my grandmothers (rescued from an outbuilding) the other from my husbands grandmother (rescued from her back porch). The ones I have were used on the side of a flour bin cabinet (they didn't have many things back in the day).

  16. I love this! I used to get embarrassed by my mom doing the same thing.Now I love finding old things to fix up.This is such a cool cabinet!You fixed it up so nice! Thank goodness they thought it was trash. :) Thanks also for your lovely comment on my photo hanger post. I will have the tutorial of the flowers up soon. It is so easy. Have an AWESOME weekend!!

  17. Stopping for a old smelly cabinet would be Science & Environment 101, right?

    Your transformation is beautiful! As are the photos!

  18. I really love your cabinet! Hard to believe what some folks throw away! And I also really love how you added chalkboard paint inside. Great idea!

  19. Love, love, love it! Your post was funny. You're teaching your daughters all about resourcefulness, right? I would have been fighting you at the trash cans for it. You did super. I love the chalkboard inside the doors. Perfect. I never would have thought of it.

  20. Of COURSE I would have picked up that smelly, old cabinet! You did a great job. I need to start taking vacation days on curb pickup days around here just to see what I can find!

  21. Been there - done that- thing is, you got around to painting finds tend to sit there for rather a long time waiting for some attention! It's wonderful when you find something like that for free isn't it! My husband's desk was a roadside freebie that was across the road from our first home. We waited until it was dark and marched it across the street like naughty children sneaking something in. It had a re-do once, but then it got a bit tired, so I stripped all the paint off it about 10 years ago. It is still in it's stripped and unfinished state. It's even been to a different country like that, and I still haven't painted it!
    Your styling is great, and so much more wonderful as you are giving glory to God too!

  22. Oh! I SO would have brought that home. Heck, you know what? My hubby would have brought that home to me (he's a scavanger too!). You did an awesome job with it, it looks great!!! I like how you put mini posters in plate holders too, great idea! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog too, I'm going to add you to my reader list.

  23. this post made me laugh, because i am SO that person who will stop to inspect someone else's curb dump :) what a great find here, you gave that sad cabinet a whole new life!!

  24. Oh, I so want one of these! You curb finders always amaze me. I never see these things or I would totally stop and grab 'em up! (I have found finds at Goodwill though ;) )

  25. Absolutely fabulous! Love the color you chose and the chalkboard paint on the inside of the door. Couldn't have been a better find!

  26. I would have stopped for this one too! Great cabinet and I also like the chalkboard paint you added.Thanks so much for your visit and the sweet note you left me.

  27. OH HOW CUTE! What a creative and artistic woman you are!

  28. You're right! A real find. Don't you wonder what they were thinking. Some people just lack the vision. You obviously aren't one of them. Love it.

  29. Hey, Leslie, YES, that is one cute cabinet! You really spruced it up & it looks great in your breakfast area. Glad you rescued it.

  30. What a great find, like the idea of using chalkboard paint on the inside of the doors.

  31. I think your cabinet is great, love the chalkboard paint on the inside door and the green and white color combo. I love curbside finds too!

  32. That is a cool cabinet! I definitely would've dived into a dumpster for that one. :) Great curb find.

  33. Wow, awesome transformation... I have to say that I probably would have kept on driving. Nice job! :)

    Sorry this is so late but thanks for linking to my Flaunt it Friday party. Hope to see you back this week!


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