Organic Garden Update--or, If You Give Mouse a Cookie

When Mark came home with a bag of dirt, seeds and starter pots, 
this gardening project seemed easy enough. 
But then, you see, what had happened was:

Do y'all know the story of what happens when you give a mouse a cookie?

If not, here it is in a nutshell:

A generous boy shares a cookie with a hungry mouse, 
which led him to ask for a glass of milk, 
for which he'll certainly need a straw, 
not to mention a napkin, 
and a mirror to check for a milk mustache, 
which will only lead to him noticing that he needs a haircut. 

It is the beginning of a chain of events 
that keeps the boy busy all day long, 
and might keep him busy for days to come.

My hubby is the Mouse. 
The bag of dirt, seeds and starter pots is the cookie.

Here's our version of the story, called:

If You Give a Man Some Seeds

If you give a man some seeds, he will wish to plant and water them.


When the plants have begun to grow, 
the man will want to make a plan on where to put them.

He will want to make sure they all play nicely together, 
and make lots of friends so he plans the neighborhood.

Then he will want to build the neighborhood.
Which means a trip to Lowe's--one of the Man's favorite stores (okay, mine, too).
While in the Lowe's, the Man finds the lumber 
and has it cut by another Man in a red vest.
Well, the lumber must match the deck, so the Man 
goes to the Paint counter and buys stain to color the lumber.
The Man has to get the stain onto the lumber somehow, 
so he also gets 2 new, shiny brushes.
The lumber must stay together somehow, 
so he goes to the Screw Dept. and finds the screws he needs.
Then, the Man remembers he has no proper sawhorses
on which to place the lumber while staining it, and puts those on his cart.
Next, the man remembers that he has no way to store the sawhorses 
to keep them neat and tidy, so he puts a
Gladiator Garage track and some hooks on the cart.

A $30 bag turns into a $240 cart:

Then, the Man takes all this stuff home, 
and using his handy dandy new sawhorses and shiny, new brushes
stains the outside of the lumber.

Then the Man builds the neighborhoods for the plants.
(This is 2 of 3 of them).

Then he:

and then he:

Then the Man takes another trip to Lowe's,
remember this is one of his favorite stores?
And makes three trips with 30 bags of Organic Soil each time.
Breaking our Home Owner's Association rules 
about driving on the lawn,
he drives the car around to the beds.
(Okay, I told him it was okay to break the rules--
I am the Chairwoman of the Architectural Committee,
and we can break the rules if we don't get caught).

Oh, Look! 

Then the Man, spreads out all the dirt for only one of the beds today:

The plants wait to move in, because the Man is too tired to 
plant them today.

They do get planted, don't worry, but that is another book, entirely.


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  1. Ha, ha, ha! I know the Lowe's version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" all too well!!! I am loving your raised beds. That was my original plan this year and then I wussed out and just used containers and pots. You have me remotivated...maybe it's not too late. :)

  2. Love "If you give a mouse a cookie"! Truth be told, Add's Gilbert(s) (shhh!) are from the book "If you give a cat a cupcake". Those books and your post:) are so fun to read!

    Looks like quite an endeavor! I try to do herbs (in pots) every year at the very least, but I have to tell you my two brown thumbs, the deer and the rabbits usually make for a sad little garden at my house.

  3. wow, that is a serious project. the beds look great though. good luck with your gardening. i got the package you sent today! it is even better than i expected! i'm posting about it soon. thank you so much.

  4. I am laughing~that is too funny! First, I love reading those books with my kids. Second, this sounds just like MY husband too. And I laughed out loud at the car driving on the husband is on our HOA Architectural Committee too and he totally thinks he can get away with stuff now.
    I think this will be making it to my Friday Favorites post tomorrow with links back to you, of course. Hope that is ok with you :)
    Off to share this with my husband now!

  5. Uh....Jennifer. Mouse here.
    You're right, it does sound like me.
    But so far you've loved everything that I've done for you and our family.
    Believe it or not, I did submit an ARC application for my outdoor living area/firepit.
    I also abstained from voting on the project.
    Love you.

    Mr. Mouse

  6. Jennifer, your Mr. AnonyMOUSE (couldn't resist) was here!
    EEEEK! A man on my blog!!
    Sticking his tongue out at my new friend!
    Don't worry Mr. AnonyMOUSE, I won't tell your HOA on you, if you don't tell my HOA on me--deal?
    At least he said, "Love you."
    I guess he's not too bad.

  7. Leslie,
    I never imagined he would dream of making a comment...see what happens when I let him in on my little blogging world?!?
    I'll let you know when I link your post tomorrow. Thanks :)

  8. Oh yeah, I know that book well. My son loves it! Funny post! You asked about the color on my living room walls. It is from Lowes and called Golden Ecru. It's a great neutral.

  9. We know that effect only too well, but I know you are going to enjoy the produce so it will be well worth it when you are tucking into the grub!

  10. How funny! The beds are beautiful though. I guess if you're gonna do it, do it right!

  11. What a fun post! Your man sure is a hard worker! I know exactly what you mean - when you start a project the cost exponentiates! So does the project. I can't wait to see it full of lush plants.

  12. Funny how that happens at Lowes, huh? The story for us goes "If you ask a man to fix the bathroom floor grout...." and it ends with a new apple green bathroom (I hope it ends, anyway!)

    I can't wait to hear more about the garden and how it grows!

  13. This post was GRRRREAT! The boxes look really good. We are waiting for our peas to grow then we will plant the rest of our garden. I love spring!!

  14. Wonderful! Wow, can the man come and do our garden boxes too? Who knew you were supposed to put gardens in boxes??? Not me. Ours is in the ground. You two are really creative!

    I know too well how $30 turns into three figures. I'm re-doing our entry way right now. I'm the mouse.

  15. Oh, I loved that post!!! My son loves those books, so it was a very familiar story line. My husband is in charge of our garden, but he just tilled the soil and planted directly into our soil!

  16. The snowball effect for sure!!
    Your Hunny looks like a planner..everything is so well thought out and planned too!
    As long as he is enjoying himself...
    Can't wait to see the harvest.
    The paint on my walls is from an oops 5 gallon bucket we found at WalMart of all was a great deal too. It did not have a name on it although I may have the numbers on it..I will look. It has alot of gold tone to it but looks different in every room and we have mixed it for small projects too. (got my moneys worth)
    I love looking at your decor. So fresh and inspiring!!

  17. HA! Thanks funny! But he sure got a lot done didn't he?

  18. I seriously almost peed my pants I laughed so hard reading your post. My husband is very much like yours but he thinks each project is an opportunity to buy a new tool. He spends so much time at the local Home Depot that their stock prices fall if he is sick. So I guess the story would be "If you give a man a project he will want a new tool" at our house. of course this is a problem Elin Woods would like to have about now.

  19. Hey Leslie ~ Love the Hubby & Garden Story (don't remember the Book Version) Any ~ Thank You, Thank You, Thank You..... Your the Lucky 100th Follower ~ The Give~Away Starts Monday ~ Make Sure if (When) You Enter, You put in a 5 somewhere, so I remember - You being the lucky 100th Follower, will get 5 chances to Win..... So Come Back this next week & see what Lovely Vintage Pretties I have for the Give~Away ~ Now I am off to schedule the Final 2 Posts as that will Hit 100 Too!

    Have a Wonderful ~ Gardenful Weekend

  20. I was still giggling this weekend each time I remembered your "Give a mouse a cookie" post when hubby wanted to go to Home Depot to copy a our front door key. To make a long story short the trip ended with me dragging hubby out as he tried to order a new front door.
    Thanks again for the great laugh.

  21. That is too funny!! I love your "If you Give a Man Some Dirt" Story. I think I have the same man at my house! My favorite part is the plan drawing...hysterical!
    Thanks for giving me this link...I'm going to have to spend some more time looking around now.
    And thanks for your visit to my blog! :0)

  22. You need to get to know your local farmers and landscapers and find out where they get dirt and compost! You commented on the price, we found a guy that delivers composted topsoil by the dumptruck full for $100! (We can order 1/4 for $25 if need be, but really we use the whole truckfull in our gardens.)

    Also, make sure to stain the next box on the inside too. You don't see it, but the wood does rot from the moist dirt sitting on it in about 5 years. I've learned the hard way, trust me.

    They are beautiful - hope your gardening passion lasts as long as the boxes do!


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