Oh, Yard Sales, How do I Love Thee? (1)

Let me count the ways:

Vintage Mirror, $5.00

Pedestal Dish and Chess Board, $2.50

Set of 5 Containers, $2.00
(Labeled later, by me)

Trio of glass jars, $1.50

Birdy Plaque, $1.00

Pair of 16X20 frames, $8.00
(reflection of the hand railing in the lower picture)

Wall Jewelry Case, $5.00

Stained Glass, $2.00

Pair of Swing Arm Lamps, $20.00

Pair of Yard Galoshes, $3.00

Stop by your local Goodwill(s), help the recycling cause and show some love, too!


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  1. You hit treasures!!!!! Congratulations! Our family was blessed on Friday with 25 name brand articles of clothing for my 3 teenage daughters from a local yard sale for just $6.00,. Most of the clothing was brand new, with tags attached! Love your blog!

  2. you scored!!! These are great finds :)

  3. You got some great treasures. I can't believe the trio of glass jars for $1.50 - what a deal! Linda

  4. Wow, what great finds! I have two of the glass jars that are in your trio. I love them!

  5. I am so jealous you have time to go to yard sales. I wish you lived closer so you could shop for me! Love your finds.

  6. Yay! I racked up at yard sales this weekend myself. My best friend & I have agreed that our gifts for each other this year have to come from: yard sales, thrift stores, or the deep discount shelves! She's found mine, but I'm still looking for hers!

  7. You must know where all the BEST yard sales are, Leslie. What fabulous finds. Oh! I loved that mirror and the birdie plaque. Everything you got was super. Congratulations! Sincerely, Susan

  8. Hey Leslie ~ Glad to see you entered & Yes, You have a Lucky "5" on the list..... Glad you like all the stuff, I have already added More Stuff
    (I'm busy re organizing & re doing My Studio, so will be adding to The Box)
    Love Your Finds ~ I would rather go to a Garage Sale, Flea Market than anything else in the world...
    Have a Wonderful Week ~

  9. Wow you really did great! Stop by and check out the antique mirror I scored for $2!!

  10. Great Deals, especially love the mirror. I have a thing for mirrors!!

  11. Leslie, I love all your finds!! You're a great thrifty shopper, so glad you joined the party. And I see you are a fairly new blogger, welcome to the club. And thanks for the witty comment you left me. I know those tar swangs would get some comments too.

  12. You know I am digging that mirror, the lamps and well dang it, just everything you found! Were you showing your Yard Sale Ninja moves when you found that mirror? Stealthly moving in for the grab and out of there before anyone knew what you found and how little you paid? I knew you must have!

    Can we talk about how stinkin' caauute the jewelry case is? I need one of those for my College Diva! Fabulous find.

    As always I am drooling with envy! Lucky, lucky Yard Sale Ninja, you!

  13. $5 for that mirror , I'm so jealous ! What a find.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments.


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