How to Make a Tablescape

I thought you might like to see some tablescapes 
and get some ideas from some that I have made.

Usually it's an eye-catching arrangement of items on a table 
that gives a room personal style and tells others more about you. 
When you are looking for accessories to buy, 
don't buy things merely to fill up a space; rather, buy only items that you love. Start a collection of objects that appeal to your heart.

A friend of mine collects old boxes from all over the world, 
but they were scattered all throughout her home. 
I brought them all together again, and now they are far more visually appealing. 
And less lonely-looking.

Books lend instant warmth and beauty to any room, 
but especially to this living room. 
I gathered another friend's collection of loved-ones, 
framed in silver and placed them atop some books used as pedestals. 
My favorite picture is the one with the three sisters on the bottom right. 

This foyer in a French Provencal home displays 
my francophile friend's love for antiques: 
a framed print, red transferware and an imported French secretary. 
She lived in France for a few years, and once, 
she showed me all her Flea Market finds 
and told me what a steal they all were! 
I'd like to go to France and steal some furniture sometime. 
Wouldn't you?

This family keeps their laptop in the living room 
so they can monitor the use of it by their children. 
Isn't that a great idea? 
So, the desk beside the fireplace is where they sit. 
In this picture, also, are a few items I found in other rooms 
to make a mantlescape. 
Isn't the lamp with the bow cute?

This foyer in a staged home has a plaque that reads: 
Home is Where Your Story Begins. 
In a crystal bowl under the lamp, is a set of vintage-looking skeleton keys. 
The art above the shelf is an artist's print of the home, 
which was a gift to the new owners from the previous owners.

I put this table in the bay window so that the lamp's light 
could make a welcoming sight through the window at night. 
I found this child's silver tea set in a bedroom of a daughter in the house.
Dining chairs could be pulled up to the table for a more intimate conversation.

Here are a few tips as you make a tablescape:

For the foyer:
Keep it clean and uncluttered
Use a tray or basket for keys, mail and loose change (pocket contents)
Hang a mirror above
Add height with a tall flowering plant
Include a family photo

In a Living Room or Bedroom:
Display books on the coffee table in stacks of at least three
(make sure the colors of the binding and jackets of books go with your scheme)
Ensure there is enough light for reading with at least 3 lamps in a room
For visual interest, group elements in odd numbers and vary heights
Soften a table with linens

Just for display:
Show off prized collections
Unify objects with color and shape
Stagger the heights
Keep equal distance between objects

Have fun!


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  1. I remember those houses! and what lovely houses they were, too, after they were finished. :)

  2. So far I am right on target with your suggestions! Keep 'em coming!


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