Hi everyone!

I am so sorry this took me all day to post- it was one of those days in which I did everything, but got nothing done.
You ever have those days?
And I have just now gotten into my office to wish you a happy day, or what's left of it!

Well, without further adieu...

I want to wish you all a:

And I picked out all these things just for you
to say THANK YOU for your encouragement
and for that I am SO grateful:

To enter to win ~ all you need to do is:

Don't forget to leave a SEPARATE COMMENT for each entry you qualify for!

1 entry: Leave a comment below--just say hi!
2 entries: If you enjoy my blog, and only if, follow along 
and leave a comment. 
(if you're a follower, leave me a comment so you're included!)
3 entries: Follow me on FACEBOOK (lower right, further down blog page)

by 12:00 midnight (EST) 
~ April 7th ~

Since it IS Spring Cleaning time--
You will win the 100% Green, 100% Natural, 100% Safe,
complete cleaning kit from Wowgreen:

All you do is pour a packet of cleaning solution 
into the coordinating bottle 
and hand your maid the bottles and let 'er rip!

Give her a bucket and a mop, too:

When the house is heavenly clean, 
sit and relax with your own, 
Spring Edition, 

Girls, this is my favorite magazine on the whole planet.

Why, you ask?

Craft Ideas

Dr. James Dobson (talks about Parenting)
 Max Lucado (talks about Jesus)
Joyce Meyer (talks about practical Christian Living)
Dr. Gary Smalley (talks about Marriage) 
Janet Parshall (talks about Godly women's influence in America)
Ted Baehr (talks about Media Trends and family friendly choices)



Party Tips and Ideas


Offering Hospitality

Baking and Cooking Recipes


Life:beautiful is dedicated 
to delivering the uncompromised message 
of the Bible with excellence in journalism, 
photography, and editorial and art direction 
in order to offer a world-class faith magazine 
that encourages us to change the world 
by beginning with the making 
of our own homes.

And that, I can't help but love.

While you are reading, 
you may need one
or ALL of these, 
depending on how long the maid takes to clean.

you can eat all of them, 
if you like, after all, 
it is:

And therefore, the calories don't count.

This tea is also heavenly--
I make it iced and don't share it.

This is one of those "coveted" 
Pier I Moss Bunnies on-a-stick
that you may have seen out and about in blogland.
I got one for me and one for you!
He's adorumble.

So, when your home is clean, 
you may want to plan some other things to do 
with your free time, 
and your family may be hungry at this point, 
what with you eating chocolate 
and drinking tea in front of them,
and these will help:

This is my set of To Do lists above, 
but you will be getting a new one, 
all wrapped up.

So Happy Spring to all and to all a Happy Spring!

I will use Random.org, and announce the winner on April 8th!

Blessings to you all as you make your house a home!!


  1. Well you can count me in, that's for sure. I'm already a follower. I'd love to have that magazine. And everybody has one of those bunnies, but me, so I need one, too. Tea and chocolate - ahhhh. There's no doubt my house needs cleaning. Could you throw a maid in with that? lol. You are so generous and sweet. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  2. awesome giveaway!!!! yes, yes, yes, please. all of it. LOVE the bunny. so stinkin' cute. great combo of items, very creative. :)

  3. The bunny is so cute. But the picture of that Coconut Cake, yummy!!!

  4. Please pick me...I just hopped over to subscribe to that beautiful magazine. I had never heard of it. Your giveaway looks yummy. I'm off to become a follower.

  5. I know that I would really enjoy the magazine and the chocolate, and I could save you the shipping charge. My family could benefit from cleaners that I don't worry about my kids drinking, or smelling up my bathrooms with fumes. The to-do, to-buy, etc lists would fit perfectly in my pocket-book by the looks of them. But most of all, I REALLY like that tray! It matches what I hope to eventually do in our dining room PERFECTLY. PLEASE, oh, PLEASE pick me!

  6. Your gift set has got to be one of the most thoughtful gifts I've seen.

    But that seems to be who you are!

    Just lovely!

  7. First off, I LOVE your cake plates!!! I don't have enough room in this house to display all of mine, but I have quite a few as well!
    The giveaway is wonderful, I have never tried that cleaner and have been wanting to switch to something "green". I have never heard of that magazine, but even if I am not the winner, I will be investing in a subscription! How great is it that it combines so many of my favorite things, all in one magazine! The rest of the giveaway looks great, too. One can never have too much chocolate!
    And of course you know that I am already a follower!
    Thank you for the opportunity! I hope you get buckets full of new followers!;)

  8. What a nice collection of things! I didn't know about that magazine; I believe I'll be ordering it soon! Crossing my fingers... :-)

  9. Now if only I had a maid! Great giveaway. Count me in. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. If not for that, I would have never been able to enter your giveaway. I love your sense of humor too. Happy Easter!

  10. hey leslie! thanks for your comment on my money post. i couldn't figure out how to email you, so i'm going with the comment. i would love for you to use my post as a guest post. you can just repost it whenever, let me know, and set up a link so your readers can come visit me. let me know if you do it and i'll do a post sending folks to you as well. :) email me if you want:beccaeby@gmail.com. thanks!

  11. What a great giveaway. I have never seen the magazine before but it looks amazing!
    :) Michelle

  12. I found your blog from your wingback chair post at My Romantic Home and became an instant follower. Your livingroom looks the way that I wish mine did.
    :) Michelle

  13. Count me in! What a great give-away!

  14. What a lovely giveaway! Please enter me.

    Irma :)

  15. Loved reading your blog and am now a follower.
    Please stop by and visit when you get a chance.


  16. Can I enter, too? I love chocolate... Ha. Ha ha.

  17. I can see me now...sitting in my favorite chair, eating chocolate, drinking my favorite tea and reading as new magazine. Does life get any better?

  18. Hey Leslie! This is my first opportunity to view your blog... it's great. I miss being able to be creative with you. Fun to see what you are up to! Love, Dawn J

  19. Ok, Les, I'm all registered, followed, tagged, posted, and all the other fun stuff. Now, to CLEAN my house! sending hugs. d

  20. OOOh ! What wonderful giveaways! Don't know if you are willing to post them as far as Scotland, but I hope so! We don't have any magazines as wonderful as the one you show there. And all those other goodies are amazing too! Please enter me!

  21. ...and I already am a folllower, so please count me twice!!! Thanks! You know I love your blog!

  22. What an awesome give away!! I just found you. Would love to read the magazine. Where I live I can't buy any USA mag and I just LOVE those, so please make me win lol ;)

    Hugs from Marian

  23. OH and I became a follower too :)

  24. Wowser what a giveaway! I've never seen that magazinebefore, now I must find it! Happy day to you!

  25. Oh yeah! I am lovin your giveaway. Especially the part about the maid! (truly LOL!) Please enter me!

  26. Oh and I have been a follower, so enter me again! Thanks for such a sweet, generous giveaway. The maid thanks you too...

  27. Oh my friend...what a great giveaway. Please enter me. I would definitely love to win!

  28. And now I'm a stalker on FB too ;)

    Love ya girl!

  29. Leslie, I love the tray with all the greens in it. It's a great giveaway. The strawberry short cake looks like it will make your mouth water. your dishes are so organized. Please enter me in your contest.

  30. Oh, and I am following you as well.

  31. Hey Leslie, You are amazing. I always remembered you as a vibrant person! I'm not on the computer much so I won't be posting often. I will check out your blog though each time I'm on!!!

  32. You know I am a follower...I have to stalk you to find out what is going on is SC...and to make sure you aren't planning a visit to AZ!
    Just kiddin' would love to go yard saling with you even if you knocked me over.

    Couldn't you see us in a You Tube Video????FUN TIMES!

  33. Oh one more cuz I think your blog rocks! You crack me up every time you leave me a comment. I don't mind if no one gets our sense of humor...just as long as we do.
    Great give away. Keeping the fingers crossed cuz...I really need this stuff.


  34. Hi Leslie ~ wow! what a beautiful website ~ it's so you =) I'll surely be back to check it out [check up on you] from time to time... and we def need to have tea again soon =)

  35. I have been so blessed by your amazing talents and especially using them to encourage your Christian Sisters. I work outside the home and always look forward to the evenings to read your blogs and feel encouraged. I would feel blessed to receive the giveaway and will continue to tell others of your blog and unique ideas. Happy Spring, isn't it a gift from God!! janke.joy@gmail.com

  36. Hello friend! Great giveaway! I want to win! The little one in my belly wants that chocolate! lol. You know that I'm already a follower and I will be joining you on facebook as well! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  37. ... so tell me about the beautiful white shelves full of dishes and such. Is this just a photo you liked from a magazine or is this in your house? So pretty! :)

  38. I just found your blog and I'm excited to go explore! Great giveaway!

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