Debt-Free Living and Paying with Cash: A Guest Post!

Last week, I read a post that I just LOVED!
In fact, I could have written it myself, 
since I have the same money habits as she does.
The same temptations, the same free spirit.
And the same solution. 

However, I couldn't have said it as well as my new friend, 
Becca from 

Here she is (isn't she cute?)
(And yes, you saw her yesterday- she won the giveaway!)

Here is her Blog Post titled:

Frugal Friday - Cash Money Honey

what does it mean to live debt free, to me? 

i am terrible with money. 

my financial past is dark and scary. 
i fought this whole budget thing pretty hard, 
until i listened to the dave ramsey show one time. 
i was hooked. 

i am a free spirit and thought 
that a budget would make me feel trapped and fenced in. 
in fact, now that we are on a budget 
i feel more free than ever.

we operate on a cash system now. 
i carry a "financial peace university" wallet 
that came with cash envelopes for just this purpose.

it was really difficult at first to get used to cash again. 
i mean, has anyone used it since they first got a credit or debit card?
no, ma'am. here's the crazy thing - 
when you use cash, you spend less. 
it is science, people. 
your pain receptors (in your brain) 
are triggered when you spend cash, 
but don't feel a thing when you use a credit or debit card.

with the cash system we are using, 
we do our budget at the beginning of each month. 
we then go to the bank and pull out the cash. 
it goes into our envelopes, 
and makes sticking to the budget so easy. 
if all the dining out money is gone, we eat at home. 
if all the grocery money is spent, we make due 
with what we have already purchased. 
if my "mad money" has dwindled, 
i'll have to delay the purchase of that cute new dress. 

self control is a good thing.

you would be amazed by the looks i get 
when i pull out cash. 
people are annoyed because it takes 30 seconds longer, 
cashiers think i'm crazy. 

that's ok. 
we are taking control of our financial future, 
and it is ok if others think we are weird. 
we are weird. 
normal people are swimming in credit card debt, 
and we don't want to be normal.

what are you doing to be frugal? 
what system does your house use? 
i'm so interested in finding out what other people are doing. 
share your wisdom, friends.

Proverbs 22:7b says:
The borrower
is a slave
to the lender.

This is Mark, my girls and crazy me 
(I seriously look deranged-- 
but I was so excited to yell: "We're DEBT-free!!") 
with Dave Ramsey:

We were volunteering for a 
Financial Peace University event here in Greenville, SC.

The back of our shirts read:


So, share your wisdom, how are you frugal 
and a good steward of your blessings?


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  1. umm, so can i have you add fun pictures to all my posts? seriously, it looks fabulous! thanks for sharing my words and being awesome in general. :)

  2. what do you mean, you seriously look deranged? i thought that was your normal face...

  3. Wow! What a great reminder for me today. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This post came at SUCH a good time for me. My hubby and I are going to be moving into another rental house thats about 3 houses down from us but a gigantic upgrade for our family for about the same amount of money. It will require breaking our current lease though so we will have to pay a HEFTY and I mean HEFTY fee...which hurts up front but this house will grow with us more and cost way less monthly in utilities. Its a smart decision but really hard to scrimp and cut back to shell out the initial cash. Envelope system here we come!!!

  5. OK, she is me. You are me. We are we.

    Great post. Wonderful reminder.

    Jsyk, I think weird IS beautiful!!!!

    You don't look deranged..maybe like you were posing for a Botox ad! Now, you know, I am saying this in love, right?

    Praise God you and your family are debt free! Just think of how rich you are now!!!!

  6. We are in the middle of FPU and it has been life changing. We love it! And, it is so true that you spend less when spending cash...

  7. I just found your blog from "flaunt it friday"- I love it! I am also a garage sale, estate sale, crap-redoer lover! I am SO jealous you got to meet dave! He is our financial saviour- (well Actually Jesus is... but you know what I mean...) I can't wait to yell "I'm debt free too!" Thanks for the inspiration! here is my story :

  8. My husband and I went through FPU in our sunday school class a while back and I am officially on the envelope system. We paid off $8000 in credit card debt withing 5 months by being very frugal for a while and by me selling alot of my Barbies on ebay. We don't have a dog, so I couldn't name it ebay;) If you've done the program you understand that. Thanks for sharing this with the world.

  9. I took Crown Ministries before it merged with Larry Burkett’s ministry way back in about 1990. Dave Ramsey’s is the late Larry Burkett. Crown Ministries gave me the Biblical truths behind the finance lessons I had been fortunate to learn as a child from my folks. However, I do review the information from time to time to make sure I have proper gratitude from what God has blessed me with and that I’m using “my” time/money/resources as he wants.
    The best thing about using cash to purchase – you truly own what you own. No one can take it away from you.


    Hubby & I took the Dave Ramsey course through our credit union (!) yes, really, our BANK. They also did a few "commercials" for their branded credit card, but I digress.

    We've been free of credit card living for over 2 years now. Cash and budget were hard at first, and are now a breeze. Love DR, he's my hero. I am not "debt free" due to a pesky student loan, but everything else is mineminemine!

    Great post!

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