A Baby Shower- Nesting Mama Theme

Children are a gift from the LORD; 
they are a reward from Him. 

Psalm 127:3.

A dear friend of mine waited for 10 years to get pregnant, 
and when God decided it was her time to be a mother, 
some friends and I decided it was time for a PARTY, 
a Couple's Shower!!! 

And, celebrate we did:

The invitation cover, a vintage postcard from eBay:

Baby's face in a sonogram photo was cut into an egg shape 
& put on the plate in a dry-eraser drawn "nest":

The nest recipe is here at Joy of Baking. 
We used malted milk eggs.

The wine glasses have paper cozies that also serve as coasters.

The proud dad and mom in the center, hostesses around the edges:

Wish I had a better picture 
of the sign on the chair. 
Twigs were glued on a burlap-covered board to read: 
Nesting Mama.

Dad enjoyed opening presents the most, I think.

Prayer Box:

Moses basket bedding sewed by me 
and a friend (Hi, Dawn!). 
A curtain valance was threaded around the base.

Her father-in-law (L) made them a bassinette!

Dad appreciating the gift from his dad:

A wonderful moment, tears of joy for all the blessings of the day.

The Mama's mama. 
I made nest corsages 
that made a great displayable souvenir of the day.

Hurry, little one, we are anxious to meet you!

Finally here! 
Welcome Home, Jeffrey Daniel. 
You will be very loved.



  1. Thats so sweet! Children are such an incredible blessing!

  2. Everthing is s stunningly beautiful!! The nest is a perfect theme for a baby shower, so sweet and it can be for a boy or girl! I have to remember the prayer box idea I just love it!!

  3. What a great theme! I loved the cake. And I love the "Nesting Mama" sign on the chair. Cute!!!

  4. Oh, that was a nice shower, Leslie. The table looked lovely and the tablecloth was beautiful. And that little star of the show is here! What a sweet post! Congratulations to all. Sincerely, Susan

  5. What wonderful ideas! I may be "borrowing" some of them soon for a friend's shower!

  6. Leslie

    Everything is so incredibly beautiful. That cake!!!!!! The nests!!!! Oh my!!

    You are so talented and gifted and truly a wonderful friend to your friends!

    Welcome baby!!!

  7. this post just made me cry, and i don't know these people. i think it was the handmade bassinet and the joy on the faces that took me over the edge. or maybe i'm just hormonal.

  8. oh wow - how wonderful for your friends! Everything at the shower looked beautiful. I really like the cake and chocolate nest!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  9. what a beautiful post...the whole shower seemed to suit the blessing of the day just perfectly. The details are just beautiful.
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

  10. What an elegant shower. I just adore the theme! The cake is amazing. The nest plate with the sonogram picture is so precious. Congratulations & blessings to your friend - what a precious baby boy. I love all the details you added to this theme - great job and simply stunning! Thanks for joining the Celebration Party!


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