White Matelasse Slip-covered Wingback Chairs

I love a pair of chairs together so my beefcake and I can sit facing each other 
spending some time catching up on our day. 
Or spending time with God catching Him up on my day. 
Or listening to our daughter play her "Precious", the piano. 
This is our front Music Room.

I love vintage matelasse bedspreads 
and I happened to find one at a yard sale and bought another off eBay (Queen-sized). 
They are not matching but still compliment one another.

I made these slipcovers a few years ago, and because they are white, 
I can just toss them in the washing machine with warm water 
(and a teeny bit of bleach if they need it) and they look good as "new".

White is fabulous to live with because I can tell when it is truly dirty.

Slipcovers are fabulous to live with because I can makeover the piece of furniture 
with a little time spent with my handmaiden: Mrs. Stitcher.

Excuse me, Miss W.B., while I lift your skirt to show everyone what your fabric underneath looks like. 
I bought them off Craigslist for $200 for the pair.
This is more than I usually like to spend, but these chairs are from the 1940's, and very-well made.

It took me about 6 hours or 3 days and a bottle of wine, *wink* to make each one.
I worked a few hours here and a few hours there.
I think the thickness of the fabric was most difficult obstacle.
If you attempt this- please use a heavy-duty needle.
I must have broken about 3 of them before I had a "duh" moment: I needed a sturdier needle.

The left chair is mine and the right one is my hubby's, but if you came to visit, 
you can sit in whichever one you like!

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  1. Wow, these slips are beautiful and you did an amazing job on them. Was the Matelasse difficult to sew once you had multiple layers?
    Love these!

  2. It was a little thick, but I used a heavier duty needle than normal and sewed more slowly ;) Thanks for asking!

  3. Very nice! Two of my favourite things, white and matelasse. I love the texture and subtle pattern that the matelasse gives to your chairs.

  4. Hey Leslie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and thankyou thankyou thankyou for the sweet banner you made me! I am html challenged and i didn't want to ask my IT guy husband to design anything for my decorating blog. lol. I put the banner up as soon as I read your email and I love it so much more than what was there. So great to meet a fellow sister in Christ! Oh and these slipcovers are FABULOUS...I am almost finished reupholstering my ugly green chair (from my blog) and as soon as its done I'm gonna make some white cotton duck slipcovers for it so it'll stay nice. I'd love some pointers if your up to it! Talk to you soon!!

  5. Hi Elizabeth, I loved how you spelled favourite! Matelasse is amazing. I agree!

  6. Kelsey,
    I am HTML challenged and also have an IT guy for a husband. I never asked Mark to help me, I just watched him work on Photoshop and learned that way, LOL! Ah, would love to help you with pointers on the covers if you need them. I wish I'd taken pictures of the making of these slipcovers, but I didn't know I'd be sharing them with the world someday :)
    See you 'round!

  7. lovely slipcovered chairs. I love the use of a matelasse. So pretty. Clean look, but with a bit of lovely texture. You did a great job with them.

  8. Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment.

  9. Gorgeous! I have been wondering about using matelasse for slipcovers. Does it stretch around much? I would like to have slipcovers made for two of my dining chairs. You might just convince me!

  10. @ Cheryl- thank you! They were a lot of work, but so worth it!
    @ Elizabeth- you are a slipcover queen.
    @ Stacey- the fabric gave a little, but not enough to stretch out of shape. The biggest issue I remember is the fraying of the material. I do recall zig-zagging the inside edges TWICE.
    I think a twin comforter would be plenty to cover two dining chairs ;)

  11. oh my goodness! those are lovely! it looks so thick and durable! i would have broken like 14 needles on my poor little sewing machine. fantastic job!

  12. I've been wanting to make some matelasse slipcovers. Think it is time to do it. Hope you can come join my weekly Slipcover Show-off party.

  13. Hi Angie- I linked on your blog :)
    Go for it! Make that matelasse cover!
    Thanks so much for the invite.
    I am new to the blogosphere and appreciate the hospitality very much ;)

  14. I adore what you made and I want to see more and hopefully learn too. I'm your newest follower. applause, applause on a job beautifully done.

  15. Funny! Great minds think alike - - I am currently working on the same exact project using the same exact fabric!!! Your chairs turned out great!! Thanks for sharing! By the way -- people have noticed that my header is fixed ;) thanks so much!!

  16. Beautiful and I never would have guessed that they don't match! I still can't tell!


  17. These are beautiful! I was eyeing a wing back in the thrift store the other day...hmmm. It was $19.96...should I go back? Clever use of a matelasse cover! Amazing!

    I made my first ever slip covers last week. I'm so happy with them that I won't let anyone near them yet. I have to just stare for a while!

    I found you from threadneedle slipcover Sat. I posted as well. I'm gonna follow you. I love your writing!

  18. Hi~
    Welcome to my home!
    I will be sharing more slipcovered things soon!
    Amy, I can't wait to see your chair(s)! You are so welcome for the header, thank you for the tutorials! I think I am about to add a tagline to my blog...
    I am glad you can't see very well.
    $19.96!!! What! Go back and get the chair!
    I am going to go look at your new slip covers- and you work on letting your family sit on the cover :)
    I love to write if you love to read...
    Blessings, girls!

  19. You did a beautiful job!!! I also did a wingback chair w/ a matelasse cover!! Except mine is cream...You'll have to come take a look. http://tickingandtoile.blogspot.com/2009/11/wingback-slipcover-done.html


  20. Shellagh,
    I love your home!
    Thank you for stopping by mine- we share a lot of the same tastes!

  21. I've been wanting to use matelasse for a slipcover. I haven't found any with acceptable prices, yet. Have used for pillow shams, though :).

  22. Kim,
    Keep an eye out for some vintage bedspreads!
    Oooooooooh! Pillow shams sound like a very good idea!
    Maybe I need to be keeping an eye out, myself!

  23. Beautiful slipcovers....some of my favorites....A few hours to blog hop tonight....Hope you will stop by mine....I have another giveaway starting tonight...


  24. Teresa,
    I missed the giveaway- ugh.
    Will keep a closer eye on you!
    Blessings, Girlfriend!

  25. These are beautiful! I've been thinking about getting some "comfortable" chairs for my kitchen table, and this may be the solution!

  26. You made those? I wish I knew you, I need one made for one of my chairs, it is similar to yours. I am scared that I will ruin the fabric if I try. Yours look fabulous!!! I love the whole room, you have done red right. I have seen many red rooms, they don't look like yours. Great post, thanks for the look into your home! Hugs, Cindy S

  27. Beautiful chairs! I'm so glad I found your blog, I've been in 'AWE' with Shellagh's slipcovers and bought both 'how-to' books she used, (I'm waiting for summer and time off work)and confidence...:)I just found a beautiful matelasse twin spread at a thrift store for 6.99 and now I know it can be used for a slipcover!!! YAY! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  28. Once again I am envious of a sewer!! I just drape my matelasse over my wb chair. Maybe someday I'll have a grown up slipcover like yours!

  29. I wish you could come and make me one. Just one. I have the bedspread and lots of wine!!!

    :) Michelle

  30. These are wonderful and make me want to run out and take a sewing class! I priced having slipcovers made for one small chair and almost passed out at the price.

  31. Great slipcovers! I wish I was a little better at sewing to attempt to make some! I love yours...and that you used a vintage bedspread...I really like those old matelasse spreads too! I recently acquired two wingback chairs that someone gave us for free. They are upholstered in a baby blue velvet which isn't horrible, but I eventually I would like to re-upholster them or at least have slipcovers in something else!

  32. Beautiful! I'm always amazed by people who can sew and all the wonderful things that can be created.

  33. I've had a friend stitch up similar slipcovers. I didn't even think of looking for vintage (kind of wish I had now that I see yours) and I bought mine from JCPenneys. Pretty, but not as full of character as yours. I really like the textures yours have. Love your curtains too!

  34. I did this very thing to my wing chairs, but I did them when I had a 4 month old and was in a super hurry. I'm about to make some new covers with a bit more attention to detail. Anyway, these look beautiful and I love them with the red curtains.

  35. Glad to have found this post. I have two wing chairs to cover, but have been putting it off!

  36. Hello,

    I love your slipcovers...great job!! Did you have a pattern?


  37. Love these, Leslie! I had a chair and a sofa that were nearly identical to yours (once upon a time when I lived in the U.S.). Anyway, the chair had gotten really dirty, but the couch was in great condition. Wish I'd have known how to do slip covers back then. My chair and sofa went to a family that lost everything in Katrina. So that part makes me happy to think on. :)

  38. OMGoodness! Perfect idea for my wingback chair that I have in our livingroom. I have wanted it slipcovered for a while now. It was a $79 find at the antique shop down the road. I have a buttercream matelasse queen spread that I bought many moon ago and would love to repurpose it. Perfect I say *wink. Thanks!


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  40. OMGoodness Gracious! I'm over-the-top impressed with these wingback chair slipcovers! I've been away from sewing for several years, but with my determination I believe I could make one!

    How do I start? pattern??? Sorry to bug you, but perhaps if you're busy one of your readers could mentor me.

    By His grace, Char

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