Sunday Serenity

Each Sunday, I will feature a picture taken by one of my daughters, 
and some words of faith, hope and love given by our Father:

We can understand 
dying for a person 
worth dying for, 
and we can understand 
how someone 
good and noble 
could inspire us 
to selfless sacrifice.

But God put His love on the line 
for us 
by offering his Son 
in sacrificial death 
while we 
were of no use 
whatever to Him.

Romans 5:7-8


  1. My mind can't wrap itself around that. I know that we are made in God's image...and that we feel as a love like that? Oh my. I have tears in my eyes just trying to grasp it.

    Sacrificial living. I'm working on that daily.

    Thank you for posting this amazing reminder! xoxo

  2. Oh I love that scripture! May we never forget His love and may we never take it for granted. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh and I love your daughter's pic. Very cute! She must have her mother's creativity ;)


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