Some People Wash Their Cars in the Driveway

but other people (like me) wash their fireplace in the driveway:

I acquired a very old fireplace surround and the grating from a friend 
and I thought it would look very romantic in our Master Bedroom.

I have had this inspiration picture in my Ideas file for a few years:

And when I saw this mantle leaning in a friend's open shed, 
I had to ask her if I could have her cast-off. 
 She had recently remodeled her house and she didn't need the old mantle. 
What a shame.

So, I borrowed a friend (you know who you are: Thank you!) 
and her truck and we saved the pieces from a slow demise.

But I discovered it's true age when I started washing the grating:

Yes! it reads: 18 40!

Can you believe it? If this fireplace could talk, I wonder at the stories it could tell!

This is the way it looked when I first started to clean it.
It was spider nest and mud wasp nest infested. Ew.
But it didn't deter me.

I see its potential.
I intend to get off all the chipping paint and just paint over it with white paint.

You'll see it again when it's in its place in our Love Nest, ahem, Master bedroom.

(I'm pretty sure the neighbors think I'm bonkers).


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  1. Hi, I was looking for information on Matelasse and ran across your blog. Love it! Did you ever post pix of the finished room? I would love to see how the mantle worked out.
    bliss farm antiques

  2. I want to do the same thing!! I just don't know where to find an awesome mantle like this


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