I Got a Hug Today, (otherwise entitled:) Kilz Paint Love

Have you ever been thinking about and wanting something 
and maybe only you and God knew about it?
Maybe you have been hoping for a certain doodad for your home, 
or a relationship mended or I don't know, just anything?

And you have waited for the answer and out of nowhere, it shows up?
That very miracle, that very THING that you had hoped for?
It stops you in your tracks because it was so unexpected, 
and you know it was meant JUST FOR YOU, and no one else?

Well, it happened to ME today.
I call it a hug from God.

I have had this paint swatch on my wall(s) for months 
(tell me you do this too, please!):

This is in our dining room:

In our kitchen (on the iron thingy):

Just another shot of our kitchen above the French doors:

I know what you are thinking.
I think I do, anyway.
You are thinking, "The walls are yellow, 
and she wants to paint them yellow again, so what's the big deal?" 
Well, the paint swatch color is called Soft Pebble, 
and is actually a khaki-ish yellow, 
a more mature shade of yellow. 
Hard to capture, it is!

So, I have an affection for Kilz Paint, yes, paint
This paint gets used in all my staged homes
Not primer
But made by the same company as the primer:

We subscribe to Consumer Reports, 
so we can get the best products for the best price 
with the best ratings of items that have already been tested. 
We do this with cars, tools, appliances.
Kilz Paint is one of CR's Best buys, see? 
Who knew?:

(Click the picture to make it larger, if you wanna)

So, back to the hugging part.

I was wandering through Wal-Mart today, and thought, 
"Maybe I should just by a quart of "Soft Pebble", to see if I really like it.
I priced the quarts at $12.00. 
Hmmm... the gallons were only $10 more for 75% more paint... 
Hmmmm...lemme check the oops! paint aisle.

Guess what is WAITING FOR ME, on the end, 
in the front of all the other cans of oops! paint on the shelf???
Can you guess????

If not, here's a picture to help you:

Another of the front to help some more:

Yep. A can of oops! Soft Pebble, just for ME.
And the WHOLE gallon was $11.22!

God gave me a hug right there in the Wal-Mart.

Where have you been hugged by God?

The Lord looks down from heaven and sees all His children.
Psalm 33:13

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  1. What luck! Since I started following blogs, I have been checking out the discount paint shelf looking for bargins. Haven't found anything yet.

  2. I am a HUGE oops paint shelf shopper. I can't go to Home depot without checking out their oops selection. A lot of the time they have a basic color like creamy white on sale for about 5.00 a gallon! Its been a long time since I've actually paid more than the oops price for paint. I needed a hug from God today...today was a "day"...and it coincided with hubby being at work and then straight to church for a class/worship team practice. So happy for your amazing paint find...congrats!

  3. Good for you getting such a special HUG from Heaven and just the right color for your walls.
    Cant wait to see it all done and decorated.

  4. OH Leslie! I LOVE those hugs!!! They are perfect and special!!! I'm so happy for you for getting this!!!!!

    "Tis a gift to be simple"

    I adore simple. Simple kindness. Simple love. Simple gifts. Simple grace!

    LOve loVe LovE this post!!!!

  5. Leslie, love the way you share...I love paint, REALLY love Oops paint in the perfect(or even close)shade, I love your blog, and I love YOU, m friend. Smiles and (even more!) HUGS!

  6. My sewing machine got jammed...MOney is very tight and we are trying to not charge...but I wanted one bad enough I was willing to beg hubby to charge, and we almost did...well a fellow homeschool mom later that day posted she had two sewing machines to give away!! So I got one :) and didn't have to charge our charge card to get it :)

  7. Love this!

    My son's room is painted in a similar shade I STILL love. Ralph Lauren brand "oops" (nothing wrong with it except someone had it mixed and then abandoned it in the aisle, which is tacky as anything but good luck for me).

    Original retail apx. $30/gallon. My price $5.

    A "Hug from God." I love it. :)


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