Antique Mantel Makeover, Jamaican Honeymoon-Style

I've started the master bedroom makeover. Finally!
I started with the sitting area wall. I still have much to do, but here's what's there as of today.

The 1840's mantel before, when rescued from a friend's shed:

She got a bath and found a place inside our home:
(Some candlesticks, a window, and the grating I am still working on, need to go in the mantel opening).

The smaller shells and pitcher were found at yard sales.

The hydrangeas are from my Pee Gee hydrangea tree.

This mirror has a gold plastic frame. It was hanging in our 1/2 bath when we bought the house.
Five packages of sea shells from the Dollar Tree, the HGG (Hot Glue Gun) and hours later:

This gold, glittery, foam thing found for $1.00 at Good Will was painted--

and now it likes being right here:

The candleabra was purchased off eBay.
I have had the large conch shell since I was 2 years old
when my Gram bought it for me in Key West, Florida.

Our honeymoon was in Jamaica and we stayed in the Half Moon in Montego Bay.
I did NOT steal the key holder- really, it broke, so I went to the front desk to report it, and they let me keep this one as a souvenir!

My lady was found at Good Will for $10.00, as were the necklaces and scarf.

I think she is sweet, but she creeps my hubby out, especially if she looks like she's staring at him in the reflection of the mirror.
I tell him to get over it, she's an air-head, and besides, she knows he's already married.

The chairs were a barter with a friend for some slipcovers.

Down pillows ($3.00/pair at a yard sale) were covered
with clearance Target napkins sewn into pillow slips

This week, I am working on another wall, here is a sneak peek:

I am so enjoying making our space into an island-get-away for me and my groom!


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  1. Oh how pretty! You always inspire me. Now I need to go get out my old mantle and fix it up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Looks charming! When I start to think about our master bedroom, I will have to remember to come back to this!

  3. Love your mantle makeover! Your room is beautiful! ~Marcy

  4. What a great post!! The lady and your husband cracked me up!!!

    I've been eyeing mantles on CL, too! Don't have a clue where I'd put it. Can't wait to see more of your home!

  5. This is gorgeous! I love your lady, she looks like the sister to my lady...who also creeps my husband out. He puts my sunglasses on her all the time so she won't "follow" him!

    I love your blog, headed over from Southern Hospitality's Thrifty Treasures. So glad I stopped by.

  6. btw...thanks for stopping by my had me rolling! I could just see us pushing each other out of the way and fighting to the finish for the great finds. As long as you pick me up and dust me off...we can still be friends!

  7. You girls are so funny!
    I might put sunglasses on my lady, too...hmm, good thought, LOL!

  8. Luv your seashell mirror and that mantel is soooo awesome! Thanks for coming to my PAR-TAY...hope you are having a good time:)


  9. Love your mantel and all the work you put into it. You have some very nice things. I laughed when you said your hubby was creeped out by the lady. My husband gets creeped out by one of my cute little bunnies. He says it's staring at him. What?!!

  10. Your room looks great. I love your mirror redo. That took a lot of patience!

  11. Love love love this post. What a wonderfully peaceful & meaningful room you've created. The mantle oh la la what a fabulous piece and I love all of the little touches you've added here and there. The fact that you've had the shell since you were two.. just too sweet.
    I've spent the last 30 minutes or so browsing your older posts. Love your style and your sense of humor too. You make me want to get busy and turn some of my trash into treasure!!
    I bought those lil peeps on my blog from Pier One last year on clearance of course. I think they had them this year again..and I think Cracker Barrel had them too this year.
    Okay I have a question..what is the trick for drying Hydrangeas??? Yours are all so beautiful!!

  12. gorgeous! i love the inspiration. i am dreaming of a honeymoon (in charleston, sc) themed room now.

  13. That. Is. Beautiful.
    Love the pillow slips, napkins!!! Very neat.
    Thanks so much for linking up to "Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays"
    Would love to see you back next week!!!
    ps, I like your profile pic, you a pretty lady!!

  14. WOW~ What an inspiration! Love it. Be blessed. Cindy

  15. What a gorgeous area of your home filled with sentimental items! You did a fabulous job pulling it all together.

  16. Great makeovers! Love what you did with the mantle!

    Thanks for sharing,

  17. How sweet everyone is! Thank you!
    I only live to decorate and decorate to take pictures and take pictures to show you so I can feel better since I got nothing else done.

  18. What a beauty the mantle turned out to be! I had to laugh at the lady creeping your husband out. I had a bust of a lady in our bedroom for a short time but had to take her out because I kept waking up, seeing it while half asleep, and thinking there was an intruder in the house.

  19. Yay for someone else posting a decorative fireplace :-)

  20. Beautiful! I love the shell mirror! The napkins you used are fantastic {I missed seeing those @ Target} Great job!

  21. Over here from the nester...Love it!

  22. Hi Leslie, that looks awesome!~ I love the dried hydrangeas too, they look very pretty displayed with your other decor. Hope to see you over at my blog, I am having my very first giveaway, and it is an easy one, so come and check it out!~

  23. Beautiful painted wood mantel and pretty wall paint too. It all looks lovely to me! Come say hi.

  24. I love your vintage mantel and how you decorated it with fun finds and things with great meaning to you. I love the mirror makeover!

  25. First time to your lovely blog via the Nester. What a beautiful job you did with the antique mantel. I love the Victorian style shell mirror you created fro Dollar store finds. Also adore what you did with the bust.

  26. This wall color is so soothing. I just love everything about your mantel yu are so talented! I really like that you rescued the mantel though.

    :) Michelle

  27. I love your mantel! Everything looks beautiful, but the flowers really add the final touch. Just the perfect color. I also like your idea of using napkins to create pillow covers. I have a few napkins in my entertaining collection that we never seem to use that would be perfect for covering a pillow.

  28. Nice job, Leslie! Love the Conch shell story - a gift from your Grandma when you were 2. :)

    Love old fireplace mantels... did you ever see our historic house on Earle Street? 5 Fireplaces in that house!

    You are as creative as ever! ;)

  29. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous, the mantle is wonderful and love that seashell mirror. great job!

  30. Again just gorgeous! You are my kind of gal!

  31. just Pinned this! inspiration for a client. you got skills, girl.


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