My name is Leslie. I am a Home Maker.

I am also a homeschooling mom and housewife.

I am also a Certified Interior Decorator, Home Stager and Home Organizer.
But, my main career is homemaking.

I live with my loving & tolerant husband, Mark, a really funny 16 year-old daughter & another part-time (a sophomore in college, she usually comes home on the weekends) really logical 20 year-old daughter. My four-legged children are playful ferrets named Claire & Sylvia (whom we call the little sisters) & a four-finned red Betta named Buster.

We live in a cul-de-sac in a white house with a red door & a bistro set on the front porch in Greenville, SC, with spiral (think Disney World) evergreen trees on either side of the porch & hydrangea bushes of every color in the backyard.

I spend my days in various places around the house: spending quiet time in the morning with my Lord, doing laundry or organizing something, sewing a slipcover here & a button on there, trying a new recipe, planning the week's menus or loading the dishwasher, laughing & chatting in our basement cafe' with new & old friends, listing things on etsy, eBay, Amazon or browsing Craigslist, hovering over the younger daughter as we homeschool & tinkering in the yard.

When I'm not doing those things, I'm usually daydreaming, taking a nap, taking pictures, making piles throughout the house of this & that, painting anything that's not moving or reading a book.

All of these simple, mundane tasks added up over the past 20 years* have turned a house into our home.

I love vintage cottage-y things, ironstone & toile, flea markets & estate sales, birds & bunnies, a hot cup of Lady Earl Grey & Jim's Organic Coffee, baking fresh triple berry scones & dark chocolate anything, seashells & cloches, parties and celebrations of life, travelling & then coming back home, hugs & kisses, but most of all I love turning ugly & abandoned things into beautiful & useful ones, for this is what Jesus' love has done for me!

(Our Eat-In Kitchen island before)

(and after)

What am I talking About?

Here you will find inspiring, creative, thrifty and fresh ways to make your house into a home. You will discover that what truly matters is not the furniture, the wall colors, the flooring or the accessories within the house--or even the house itself--but the heart that gets put into the making of a home.

When I talk about home making, then, I don't mean merely the keeping & decorating of a house & its rooms, but of our letting Jesus be keeper & maker of our heart & the "rooms" in it.

He is the One who transforms the messes into methods, clutter into calmness. He transforms the places in our hearts to reflect His likeness: love, redemption, grace, peace & holiness, and He wants to live in and be welcome there. Ephesians 2:22 says so: "And because you belong to him, you too are being built together. You are being made into a house where God lives through his Spirit."

Interior decorating is really His specialty!

So, as Jesus transforms us on the inside, 
may our house be transformed into a home as well!

(Most of the pictures here will be of my own home and homes that I have helped others add their hearts to. If they aren't my pictures, I'll tell you so and put the link with them.)

I'm so glad you stopped in & you are welcome here any time!

*Over the last 20 years, these are a few of the activities I have had: MOPS coordinator, Wilton Cake Decorator, Interior Redesign/Home Staging/Organizing, homeschooler (12 years so far), crisis pregnancy counselor, Financial Peace University Class Coodinator (with Mark), built 2 homes, seamstress, Once a Month cooker.


  1. Hi Leslie! What a find... an beautiful American woman who loves Earl Grey tea, has a cafe in her basement (what a GREAT idea!), and most of all who loves Jesus! I think you are completely right about Him being the expert interior decorator. I believe He is truly the expert at everything, because He has Heaven's resources available to Him and wants to make them available to us through His Spirit. I know my creativity comes into its fullness when I allow Him to work with me through it. What am amazing thing we can offer a hurting and often ugly world! To bring out it's true beauty! Thanks Leslie!

  2. Leslie,
    You were the first "follower" of my blog, www.TheAlligatorBox.blogspot.com andI was so excited to see your smiling face on my blog page! I just now had time to check out your blog and feel like I've found a sister! What a wonderful testimony!
    Lori B

  3. Leslie - I have just added you to my google reader list. SO happy I found your blog. I'm in Georgia - north of athens and it is nice to find a thrifty creative southern lady to add to my lists.

    have a beautiful day.

  4. Leslie-

    I am really looking forward to meeting you and being roomies at Relevant! Your home is absolutely lovely and I'm hoping you're domesticity will rub off on me! :-)

  5. I should have come to this post first...explains your wonderful way of creativity! Enjoyed getting to know you here.

    Truly the LORD Jesus is the HEART of the HOME and makes it the refuge it should be...I just posted a Hymn about this on my This is the day blog. I hope you'll stop by.


  6. I just found your blog and I Love your house!

    I was also a Home School mom....my "students" are now 32 and 28. As of yet there are no grandchildren, and I MISS home schooling..with all the struggles, trials, and triumphs...

    We, to this day, still consider ourselves "home learners"...


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